back2life Review: NOT What I Expected

Are you planning to buy Back2life machine to cure your back pain? If so read this article fully before giving your credit card to purchase that weird back 2 life back machine. I will share my complete thoughts and results from using this machine.

jesse on getback2lifeHi there! My name is Jesse and I am very happy to share my thoughts on this. I am 45, father of 4 who was in a car accident back in 2006.

I have always been frustrated with doctors ever since who always want to blame the accident for every problem I have had since then.

I was thrown through the back windshield of my own car and had a CVA, damage at the time to the upper part of my neck, left hip and shoulder right fleshy part of the back and broken nose.

I was in the hospital for 2 months, 8 more physical therapy before I could return to work.

Back pain started to show up in 2011 and I find everything very hard since then.

Taking my children to school classes and bringing them home is not an easy task for me. I can’t even bend down to take any object because of this excruciating pain on my back.

I find it very hard to do some basic things like Going to the toilet is a challenge for me then.

I can’t also sleep satisfiedly because in asleep also I felt severe pain on my back.

Did your back ever hurt when you breathe? well, I had it several times.

I can’t even walk for a grocery shop which is only 200m long from my house.

So I started to seek treatment for this back pain. I went to a chiropractor and he gave some painkillers plus some physical exercises to do.

I should say as for the medicine cost, their treatments are shit. Because I followed the exercises for more than two months bearing the pain and did not had any improvements.

I took the painkillers frequently to get a quick short term relief. I took everything that all the chiropractors and doctors recommended and nothing worked.

One of my friends introduce this Back2life machine and got one from their website to try it out. This is how I found back 2 life back machine.

What is back2life machine?

back2life reviewBack2Life is a weird machine that claims to relieve lower back pain or sciatica.

This device uses “continuous passive motion” to decompressed vertebrae, release pressure on sciatic nerve endings, naturally align our spine.

Slowly lie back, relax and get your both legs on the device and after 12 minutes a day, you will begin to feel the ease of discomfort, sciatica, back pain, and muscle spasms.

It also adjusts to your height in seconds and stores anywhere.

Who it’s for

The back2life device claims that this will work for people those who are suffering from back pain.

who it isn’t for

  • back 2 life back machine company says that this will not work for everyone and they should not use this:
  • Those who weigh more than 300lb.
  • Pregnant women
  • People who suffer from grade 2 or higher Listhesis (spinal misalignment)
  • Undergone thigh surgery in the last five months
  • For those who underwent back surgery, including spinal fusion, in the last year

If you still want to get this device then you can buy it @ in their official site.

What is included in with Back2life?

  • Posture Fit insoles, which claims to give “perfect posture” and to cushion impact points.
  • User Manual and a 28 page, full color Informational Brochure.

Other products that you can choose:

  • Ankle Weights: $9.95 plus $2.99 S&H
  • Posture Fit Pillow with Comfort Mat: $29.965 plus $4.99 S&H

why I didn’t like it? (My disappointing results)

why I didn't like back 2 life back machineAfter making my decision to purchase I got it and started with back2life.

After 4 weeks I gave up – yup, I quit!

Because this machine only gave short term relief very rarely. I find it very bored and hard to continue with it.

I also asked about this from my gym members they also had the same problem as me. This get back 2 life device is not working as expected.

What I needed is a peaceful happy life without the back pain permanently.

So you can imagine my results is nothing special. Still, I had the pain on my back even after using this program for a month.

I sent it back to the manufacture and for sending also it cost more money to me.

One of my gym members recommended me an online coaching program and he said that program by Ian Hart helped him to get rid of back pain completely.

Back2life Alternative I Follow Now And It’s Working For Me…

My back pain coach access-pageThis My Back Pain coach program by Ian Hart is an awesome program which I liked the most.

This is not a machine, but this is a set of training by Ian Hart, 8 proven movements you should follow everyday 16 mins to get rid of back pain. (get it here @ with discount)

I wish I found my back pain coach program earlier because it’s cheaper and it includes more real ways to relieve from back pain.

This program is designed for everyone who wants to get rid of sciatica. No matter their age, if they had surgery, pregnant ladies etc… these 8 movements will work for everyone.

If you want to read a complete review about this program then you can check this out.

My results from using MBPC

Quick update: Lucy from the comments below found a coupon code at this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying the My Back Pain Coach.

The step by step training made by Ian Hart is very easy to follow and digest. The 8 movements are clearly showed in the videos.

I planned to follow the program for more than 3-4 months because of the results and improvements I felt after doing the stretches.

Ian Hart my back pain coach
Ian Hart

But something magical happened in day #9 of doing the movements by Ian Hart.

It takes only 15 minutes to do the stretches and it’s extremely easy plus it gave instant relief from back pain.

After day #9 of following what Ian says I didn’t had any pain on my back. It felt like fresh new air going through my back.

But I didn’t stop from following the program. I continued doing the stretches and now I am free from back pain.
Now I can do whatever thing I want without that exhausting pain on my back. Now I am sleeping satisfied more than other days I slept.

I never felt any improvements like this before and I should say big thank you to Ian Hart to for this awesome program.


physical therapy for lower back paingetback2life program only gives short term or temporary reliefs from back pain rarely. Most of the people did not had success with it.

I finally found this best exercise training program by Ian Hart which helped me to get rid of back pain permanently.

I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to get rid of back pain.

If you are planning to get MBPC then make sure to use the coupon

I hope this back 2 life back machine reviews is helped you and If you have any question let me know in the comments. (continuous passive motion for back pain)

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  1. Trust me, back2life is NOT worth it. Didn’t like it = Big waste of money. Plus they pay people to write reviews of their program and give them their clothes to take selfies with.


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