BeActive Brace Review: My Disappointing Results…

 If you are thinking of buying BeActive Brace pad then you are probably suffering from sciatica or back pain. If yes make sure to read this article completely because I will share my complete thoughts and the results from using original active brace as a back pain sufferers.

alsonHi there! my name is Alson and today I am very happy to share my whole experience with that pad for the whole internet. why I am qualified to write this BeActive Brace review because I had personally purchased and used this pad in order to cure my back pain

since my early 20’s out of nowhere I started sciatic pain in my lower back. Ever since that day once or twice yearly it returns and I can’t function properly for 2-3 but with rest and hot and cold therapy it will go away.

Then I started to feel what I thought was the beginning of this lower back pain so I started my regime and took it easy only to wake up to no lower back pain but severe pain in my left buttock down to my foot with tingling and numbness.

After several months, I had no relief at all. I hate taking pills and in order to sleep, I rely on ibuprofen to dull the pain.

I have had over 13 sessions of acupuncture by both a chiropractor and a registered osteopath and had no relief? also can’t even walk down my street without being close to tears.

I have tried ddp yoga, stretches my chiropractor suggested and also herbal tonics with turmeric and a bunch of other treatments for pain relief nothing is helped.

Always I sit and cry almost daily and feel myself getting depressed over this and feeling so sorry for those who deal with chronic pain all the time.

One day I searched in Google about treatment for back pain and sciatica. After hours of research, I landed on their website page. This is how I found the BeActive Brace pad.

Quick Overview on What is BeActive Brace

Beactive brace review
This pad is a pressure pad you wear below the knee and it claims it can cure the shooting lower back pain.

The product says if you where that pad which will apply gentle pressure and it will enable you to walk, bend or sit comfortably without any pain.

So after getting to know about this product, I bought it from their website. I waited for over a month still it didn’t deliver. So I tried to get support from their website by phone calls and emails no one replied or respond to my request.

After about a month from that day I received it. Be-active brace’s poor instructions did not understand properly for me. It is held Together by thick elastic and it’s very small in size which is not fit my leg properly and I think they created this for dog’s leg because that much this pad is fit to my leg and it is very small in size.

Why I Tried To Return It?

why I didn't like Beactive brace So in a back pain forum, I asked about this Brace. Most of them didn’t recommend me to use the product.

The other weird thing about this product is? it is not proven clinically or scientifically to use this pad. In other words, there are no medical or scientific information that says it will work as it says.

And I also heard in that forum this Pad is only giving a temporary relief only for mild sciatica patients.

Another thing I am able to find out is the company of this product is ordering people to make fake reviews about this product on the internet.

Finally, I am unable to return it because it was cheaper than sending it back considering shipping and handling costs.

I have provided some customer feedback from the real uses below which I think that will support my statement that is: this BeActive Brace pad is totally a flop scam.

Apart From Me, You Can See Other Testimonials








Pros and cons of BeActive Brace pad

It Could help for mid-lower back pain or sciatica
  • Fit only for small legs
  • Bad customer/Support service.(probably worst beactive contact)
  • Could provide relief only for Mid sciatica or Back Pain
  • It is not proven clinically or scientifically
  • A lot of fake BeActive Reviews on the internet ordered by the company

BeActive Brace Alternative I Follow Now And It’s Working For Me…

So it’s time to find a good alternative that can cure my back pain. On the same forum which said to me that BeActive Brace is a scam, I asked them which is the best online home treatment for sciatica.

After about three hours, a lady sent me this link of a program by a well-known expert Ian Hart who himself experienced the back pain and he able to cure it completely away of him. (you can read a complete review here by a real user)

Movements and stretches are the best way to cure the back pain or sciatica which is proved scientifically and medically.

Ian Hart
*Ian Hart

This is what Ian Hart’s My back pain coach program is all about. It is set of 8 movements which are the key to unlocking any type of sciatica or back pain.

After coming to know all about this my back pain coach I watched the video on their website which you can watch it here too, it related to so many problems I faced.

So in my mind, I thought this is the only program I should give a shot. Immediately after purchasing the program I received all the training to my mail.

The way videos and ebooks organized is very easy to understand and digestible. Then the next day I started my first session of my back pain coach.

After doing my first session, I felt like my back is breathing new fresh air. You can see: I am able to see improvements on the first day itself.

Bottom line is:

Don’t get scammed by wasting your $$$ on this like me. I highly recommend for everybody to give my back pain coach a try And I am sure you will be shocked with the results

Final Verdict!

sciatica sos review conclusionBeactive is a pressure pad which claims to cure the back pain. But I proved above that this  is totally a scam and it didn’t work as expected.

If you still want to get the BeActive Brace, then you can get it at their official website @ and you will able to feel what I said above.

It’s not only not worked for me but it is also not worked for most of the people which I provided the proof above.

For those who still want a best at home sciatica or back pain treatment, I highly recommend Ian Hart’s my back pain coach which is worked well for me and helped me to get rid of back pain. .

I am really excited to write this BeActive Brace Review in If you still have any question in BeActive Review please let me know in the comments I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Thank you for taking your time on reading this and I am signing out.

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  1. I suffer from chronic back pain since last year and I have been looking for products or ways to help treat it. Thanks for sharing this honest review because I can get BeActive Brace off my list to try for my back pain. Now, I’m planning to try my back pain coach program and see whether it works for me too.


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