Ben Pakulski MI40 Review

Are you thinking About buying mi40 program?  then make sure to read this complete MI40 review because  I will share my opinions and thoughts on this Ben Pakulski program as a member.

jesse on getback2lifeHi, guys, my name is Frank and today I thought of writing this review to share my in-depth analysis and results From using MI 40(Mass Intentions 40) program.

Before starting into the review please let me introduce myself to you So you can understand little more about why I choose this program.

I am in the 8th week of using this program and Later will share my results so far.

To be honest I am not expecting to become a huge beast like Ben. what I want is to Pack on some muscle because I have tried so many other bodybuilding programs and not get any results.

Another thing that I give first priority is not to use any steroids or that kind of stuff to pack on muscle. instead, I need to build my body naturally without any side effects.(1)

Do you need steroids to follow this program? absolutely not…

I Struggled To Build Muscle Mass

From my early twenties, one of my main goals is to Pack on muscle And to get six pack so I can show off to my friends.;)

At that time I went to the gym every day without missing and worked out.

After getting married I had a baby boy and that’s when I started to eat junk foods.

Then I had no time or interest to go to the gym because I had a family to look after and the time Flew Away by going to the job.

another reason is I have no motivation to about keeping my body in control.

I knew I had to do something about this And I need to be a really good role model for my boy.

So this time I had a small interest and motivation to get started building muscle mass.

How I Discovered MI40 Program?

BeActive ReviewOne day when I scrolling my Facebook feed I discovered few people are building their body online.

So I searched in Google for best muscle building programs for men.

That’s when I read some of Ben’s articles about bodybuilding.

As you might know, he is pretty much famous in this bodybuilding industry you can just tell it by looking at him.

So I researched more about him, watched YouTube videos about him especially his own videos and read many articles online.

The way he explains anything about bodybuilding is very easy to understand and digestible.

In other words, he just talking everything to the Point and that’s what I like about him.

I also stumbled upon a bodybuilding forum Where many people discussed about Ben Pakulski’s program called MI 40.

In the forum, I noticed many of them had success by following his program.

I didn’t saw any negative feedback about his program while everything is positive reviews everywhere.

That’s how I found Ben Pakulski Gym workout bodybuilding program and after reading some reviews and testimonials in his website I bought the program.

Like I said before I don’t want to be a huge beast like Ben who competes with others.

Instead what I want is to Pack on some extra muscle and size.

Plus my wife Doesn’t want me Getting big.

About Ben Pakulski

ben pakulskiIf you are reading bodybuilding magazines then you probably have seen Ben Pakulski in popular magazines like Muscle Mag, Flex magazine, Muscle & Development and Inside Fitness etc…

He is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is one of the top guys when it comes to bodybuilding, nutrition industry and that’s why his MI 40 Program is so popular all over the world.

He has also studied Kinesiology in University of Western Ontario, he specializes in muscle functioning and movement.

ben pakulski in magazines

With over 15 years of experience and training individuals and groups of peoples, he came up with this MI40 program which he prepared to make bodybuilding easy and to provide a good service for people to build muscle correctly, effectively and efficiently.

So anyone can’t say that the owner of this MI40 program is an unknown or less popular guy.

Now you can think that you are not learning from an unknown individual instead he is a well known popular figure when it comes to bodybuilding and he knows what he talks.

What is this Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Program?

MI40 means muscle intelligence 40 or Mass intentions 40 in full meaning.

You might be thinking why ben kept 40 beside MI.

One of the reason is that his favorite number is 40 And he uses science to Explain the 40 variable concepts.

40 is an acronym for his program’s Foundation- He has included 40 types of exercises inside the program, 40 minutes exercises per day, 40 seconds rest and this all should be done in 40 days of intense workout.

Ben promises that this program will definitely work if you follow it.

Apart from his promise, there are lots of results of the people who have tried this MI 40 program that proves this program is actually working.

keep reading because I will provide before and after photos and testimonials of Mi 40 program.

Quick update: Robert from the comment section below found a MI40 coupon code. This will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying the Ben Pakulski’s program.

Who is M140 for?

If you are thinking to join a good workout program then definitely this will fit for you.

But don’t think that this is a magic button that will build muscle and get results you expected immediately.

Instead, you should put the work in and do the recommended workouts and exercises said inside the program by Ben Pakulski.

Don’t skip anything that Ben says inside the program because everything he says has an effect and the moves are well planned by Ben.

What’s Included In/With “MI40 Program?

Mi40 Products
Image via

40 Day Mass Intelligence pdf Manual- By reading Ben Pakulski’s 40 Day Mass Intelligence pdf Manual you will learn everything A TO Z about building muscle mass. It’s very interesting and digestible PDF for those who read it.(2)

40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual- He has included this 53 pages nutrition guide which will guide you exactly on what to eat to maximum growth. When it comes to bodybuilding, foods also plays a major role. Definitely, this three-phase method nutrition guide is worth a read.

40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos (My Fav one)- I am sure you will be amazed if you watch the videos. The videos are very easy to understand and it’s step-by-step. In other words, it is like Ben is in the gym with you and coaching. These video workout series are 7 hours in duration.

40-Day Mass Proportion Exercise Execution Guide- This is a 51-page pdf manual contains pictures and diagram(visualized) showing you how to execute and perform every exercise correctly so you will get the maximum growth.

40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets- This is something interesting:

Ben included this 23 printable worksheets to track your progress on how you are doing things. This is kind of an analytic tool. This sheet contains all the reps, workouts, sets, and rest time.

40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar- This is really very important when it comes to building muscle. This is a 6-week calendar which Ben has prepared to keep you track your progress.

40-Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol- When you go hard by pushing your body to its fullest then it’s better to use a supplement to recover your body fast. Ben prepared this 23-page pdf telling you exactly what supplements work best for faster results.

Size Secrets Audio Interrogation- This is a secret podcast of Ben. Here Ben reveals some of his secrets techniques that he gathered with his 15 years of experience from popular scientists and doctors in the health and fitness sector.

You can see how much content you get for the money.

Definitely, without any doubt, this program by Ben Pakulski is worth a try and the content you get for the money is crazy long.

If you already lifted weight in the gym or you exercised in the gym before and haven’t seen any results mean you unquestionably doing it all in wrong way.

If you are not doing correctly then you probably wasting your time in the gym and wasting your money for membership.

I also used to be like this before I found Ben Pakulski’s program.

Ben’s program is a unique way to build muscle very effectively and efficiently. Comparatively, his program is unique when it comes to bodybuilding.

It actually works, you can see one of the student’s picture below where I took from Ben’s site and the best part is:

All of the students who tried this program got amazing, serious results from following it.

ben pakulski mi40 results
==>Click here to see more MI40 Testimonials and results…

Ben’s Basic Principles

Here are some of the principles that lay the foundation for the program:

  • Time under tension
  • Range of motion
  • The muscular torque
  • Neurological overload sets

Does it Really Work?

Like I said before:

This program is not a magic button. Instead, this needs hustle, consistent and persistent.

Don’t underestimate this program too quickly based on failed attempts while following other workout programs before.

If you follow every step that is taught by Ben Pakulski Reviews, then unquestionably you will get some serious gains and achieve your goals faster.

As I said before:

All the students of Ben’s program achieved their targets(goals) without using any steroids to build up muscle.

Apart from them, as a member, I can say I have not seen any Programs like this one. That much I love this.

Bottom line is:

This program actually works and produce results efficiently and effectively (again NO STEROIDS NEEDED)

Goods and Cons of MI40

  • injury free training and Gives safety.
  • Best nutrition information to guide you build lean muscle mass effectively.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Efficient training techniques with intense lifting.
  • Step by Step videos that very easy to understand.
  • Supplementing your body with the required calories while following the program will make it work.

  • There are a lot of information so you can get a little overwhelmed.
  • You need a lot of ability to focus and discipline.
  • Lots of reading stuff. However, it is broken up in easy to digest format.
        Highly Recommended

Visit MI40 Website

MI40 Full Program Coupon Codes and Discounts

coupon code If you’re looking for a MI40 discount or coupon code good luck because I tried everywhere on the web and nothing worked.

I tried a lot of promo websites but they all gave the same results “The coupon code you inserted doesn’t exist or expired. Please try again.”

If you’re looking for a coupon code or discount for Mass Intentions 40, Robert from the comments section below found a promo page at which saves you 30% off.

I paid full price for the program and I am still very happy but if you want to save money, go grab the discount. (Thanks to Robert)

Final Words…

jesse on getback2lifeIts workout routine is an easy to follow workout program contains training for 40 days and 40 minutes/day sessions and resting for 40 seconds.

The Author of this program is Ben Pakulski who is a popular bodybuilder who competes in the world.

The contents you are getting for the money is crazy worth. You will get everything you want to TWICE THE MUSCLE IN HALF THE TIME.
In fact, he included the Calendar which will make you follow the program even better.

It has been 8 weeks so far following this program and I can see some serious muscle gains improvements(huge results) and I am now very satisfied that I am reaching my goals.

My purpose to write this Ben Pakulski MI40 review is to spread other people that this program actually works.

If you are looking for a workout program, I highly recommend you to give this a go. I am sure you will be shocked by the results. (Click here to get one)

Whether you are starting out or failed many attempts before, this will work for everybody.

I hope this article helped you to make the best choice. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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