8 Week Custom Keto Diet Review 2020 – My Thoughts

We’ve all struggled through weight loss at one point or another, right? At this point, it kind of feels like a right of passage to becoming an adult, and that’s not really a good thing. (customketodiet.com Review)

I’ve struggled with losing weight for pretty much my entire adult life, and there isn’t much I haven’t tried. I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but the chances are, if you’ve seen a fancy (and expensive) weight loss aid on your Instagram feed, I’ve tried it.

Sure, some supplements and diets work for a little while. I tried doing a 1200 calorie diet for a while last year after the holiday season, and in the first few weeks I really did lose a fair bit of weight. The only problem was I was so hungry all the time.

Seriously, you could hear my stomach growling at night! In the end I gave up on it and ended up putting all of the weight back on. The same story is pretty much true for every other diet or supplement I’ve tried so far.

So that’s why I was skeptical when my best friend told me that her post-Christmas weight loss this year was all down to the 8-week custom keto plan she was on. Now, I’ve been on diet plans before, and my experiences haven’t exactly been great.

I remember the first time I shelled out money on a diet plan. I was expecting something professional, something personal to me, something that was going to make my mouth water.

I don’t remember the exact details of the meal plan I was sent, but I do remember that the first meal involved having yogurt for breakfast with some berries. Now don’t get me wrong, that might be a nice healthy breakfast, but there was one problem.

I’m lactose intolerant. I wouldn’t touch that yoghurt if you paid me to!

But my friend promised me that this was a truly custom keto diet quiz plan, and I wouldn’t have to go through that again. In the spirit of the new year, I agreed to have her send over the link.

So, she sent me a link to the 8-week custom diet plan, which is the brainchild of Rachel Roberts. Rachel understood, like a lot of us now, that standard diets where you simply cut your calories aren’t sustainable.

The problem I’ve had in the past is that all the diets I tried just made me follow a simple rule. They acted like whatever rule they gave me would give me the same results as everyone else who tried that diet, which just isn’t true. That’s why a custom diet plan, tailored specifically to me, was perfect.

And that’s exactly what I got! After filling in some information about my dietary requirements, and the goals I wanted, I was sent my custom meal plan for the 8 weeks by email. And then I got started on my weight loss journey!

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(custom keto diet rachel roberts review)

So, Before You Buy, What Do You Need to Consider? 

The ketogenic diet plan may be for you if: 

  • You’ve struggled to lose weight in the past
  • Low calorie diets haven’t worked for you
  • Low fat diets haven’t worked for you
  • You like having a regime and set diet plan in place

The diet plan may not be right for you if: 

  • You’re pregnant
  • You’re suffering with an underlying health condition
  • You have suffered with/are currently suffering from an eating disorder
  • You don’t like having a regime or diet plan.

Before starting any new diet, please consult with your doctor first. They might be able to help find you a more suitable diet plan for your needs.

If you have none of the above conditions and want to try the keto diet plan, you should remember one thing: this won’t be easy, especially not at first! Our bodies are so used to eating carbs that it can be quite a shock to the system to suddenly stop eating bread and pasta. In fact, some people have reported feeling unwell for the first few days as they adjust to the low carb diet.

After you get over that first hurdle though, things get a lot easier. The lack of glucose and your lower insulin levels will mean that your blood sugar won’t spike the same way as it does after you eat a carb-heavy meal.

You know that feeling a few hours after carbs, when you aren’t really hungry, but you could totally go for a slice of bread? That’s the carb craving talking, because your blood sugar is spiking!

Is The 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan the Right Diet for You? 

Rachel designed this course with you (and me, and everyone really) in mind. When she designed this plan, pulling together nutritionists and dieticians from all over, she knew her audience.

Rachel understood there was no single rule-book she could throw out to us to give us all the results we wanted, because we’re all so individual and diverse in our needs. Finally, someone who understood all of things I’d been so frustrated by in the past!

But back then, I was a keto-newbie. I was so skeptical because I didn’t really understand exactly how the keto diet impacted my body. Thankfully, Rachel explained it all to me on her website.

  • The keto diet involves changing your diet habits – you switch to a low carb, high fat diet
    • Trust me, even though my mouth was watering at the thought of a spoonful of peanut butter as I read that, I was confused
  • Eating a low carb diet puts your body into ketosis
    • When you go on the keto diet, your body can’t use the glucose from your carbs as fuel
    • When it doesn’t have carbs, your body instead starts using ketones, which come from your liver when you’re low on glucose
  • So how does this help burn fat?
    • Putting your body into ketosis boosts your ability to burn fat due to your low insulin levels
    • High protein and high fat diets are more likely to leave you feeling fuller for longer. This means you’re far less likely to overeat than if you were snacking on carbs!

So, What Makes The 8 Week Diet Plan So Special? 

The specialty is all in the name! I know, I know: I can practically hear you frantically typing ‘8-week keto diet plan scam???’ into Google. But stick with me here!

When Rachel says this is a ‘custom’ plan? She means this is a custom plan. There’s a reason she’s spent years working with nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers. She wants to deliver the healthiest plan possible to you, giving you a completely unique set of mouthwatering meals to help you on your weight loss journey.

No matter your starting weight, your past diets, or your dietary requirements – you’ll be given a diet plan you can safely follow. Rachel has spent time working with chefs who specialize in the world of keto – this means that their work is high quality, healthy, and safe for your needs!

So, What Is the Eight Week Diet Plan? 

Rachel’s eight-week custom plan is just that – a custom meal plan that you can try (if you don’t like it there’s a generous refund policy). You tell her your current state, the kind of foods you like and the types you can’t eat, and the results you want.

Then you’ll have a custom meal plan created just for you, which gets sent to your email. That’s it, that’s all you have to do! (Until you actually start the diet of course).

As a brief overview, here are some of the pros and cons of the diet plan, so you can choose whether or not this product really is right for you:

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Pros of the 8-week plan

  • Tailored to your needs – no more meal plans you can/won’t eat!
  • A keto diet will be leaving you feeling full and satisfied, instead of low-calorie diets which leave you hungry and tired
  • Due to the extensive work with nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers, these meal plans give you all the micro and macro nutrients you need
  • A one-time affordable payment – no rolling subscriptions that can become really expensive

Cons of the 8-week plan 

  • This is first and foremost a diet plan. If you don’t like having pre-planned meals, and prefer spontaneous meals, this may not be for you
  • When some people go on a keto diet, they experience the ‘keto flu’, where they feel lethargic and sick for the first few days as the body adjusts
  • There’s no hardcopy of your plan (unless you print it yourself)

The Features of the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan 

  • Backed by science
    • There have been numerous studies conducted on the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet
    • For years we believed that dietary fat was the enemy, but now that we have a better understanding of nutrition and general health, it’s becoming clear to more and more people that this isn’t true
    • More studies have been conducted into the way our bodies break down different foods and use them for energy
    • It’s through this that we’ve come to truly understand the benefits of the keto diet
    • Cutting the level of carbs in our diets reduces the risk of blood sugar spiking, leaving us feeling hungry and dissatisfied
  • A diverse diet
    • Say goodbye to boring salads!
    • Because these meals were created with the help of professional chefs, they use a diverse range of foods that don’t take your body out of ketosis but still taste delicious
    • This give you the chance to take control in your own kitchen, experimenting and learning new recipes
    • Not only are you creating a healthier life for yourself, but you’re perfecting your skills in the kitchen at the same time, with the help of the simple, clear instructions with every meal
  • No extreme calorie restrictions
    • For anyone familiar with dieting, you’ll probably have heard of the infamous 1200 calorie diet by now
    • While it’s true that some people are happy on that diet, for the rest of us it can be seriously difficult to enjoy a fulfilling diet on that few calories
    • When you cut your calories down too much you seriously run the risk of making yourself feel absolutely starving
    • This can end up leading to binges – you could end up consuming way more calories than you normally would, because you end up eating as much as possible!
    • With this diet plan, there are no extreme restrictions that will leave you hungry – all of these meals are healthy, filling, and leave you satisfied! That means no cravings, and no late-night binges
  • You don’t need to exercise to lose weight
    • We’ve all learned by now that the majority of weight loss occurs in the kitchen, not in the gym
    • However, some other diet plans on the market try to pair up intense workouts with their diets to help shed pounds
    • With this diet plan, you don’t need to use the gym to lose any ‘extra’ pounds, because the weight loss occurs naturally through the use of a meal plan

What Did The 8-Week Keto Plan Do for Me? 

Well I can’t lie to you, the first couple of days were rough. I, like a lot of people, ended up getting the ‘keto flu’ as my body adjusted to having no glucose to burn through.

After the first couple of days though, I bounced straight back like nothing had happened! I had loads of energy, I felt great, and after the first week, I started to notice the numbers on the scale going down. Best of all? Bacon and eggs for breakfast in the morning, 100% guilt-free.

Some of the recipes I’d heard of before I took on the diet plan seemed weird, and to this day you’ll never catch me drinking a bullet coffee. But man, does it feel good to be able to pour olive oil over my food at dinner, or enjoy an avocado, or my precious peanut butter as a snack!

I’m not the whole way through my 8-week custom plan just yet, so I won’t spoil my results for you. But in the meantime, I can give you the testimonies of some satisfied customers who’ve come before me:

I am glad to share with you how the keto meal plan is helping me keep myself healthy and maintain my body figure. I am able to get back to a smarter personality.

I began to gain pounds drastically and it affected my emotions very much. I felt disgusted to face people and stayed indoor which made me put on more weight. A friend of mine visited me and presented me with the keto meal plan.

I am so glad that I got to know about it. It is helping me big time and I look forward to sharing with other people I come across too. – (Angelina)

I was so heavy and quite embarrassed about my heaviness. I kept away from friends and couldn’t move much. My health failed me. I began to look for nutritionists and it was so difficult and expensive for me.

I was very discouraged. One day I found an article on the keto diet plan and decided to try it out as it was affordable too.

The experts were so friendly and encouraged me to achieve my goal without having to sacrifice my delicious menus. Thanks to the Keto meal plan. – (Samantha)

To Conclude (is custom keto diet legit?)

There are some diet plans out there right now that try to sell you pills or shakes that you’ve got to buy months after month, only to see almost no results.

There are some diet plans that focus more on getting thin rather than being healthy while you lose weight, and those were the brands I wanted to stay far far away from when I found the 8-week custom diet plan.

This diet plan gave me everything I wanted and needed to help me with my weight loss. I needed a plan to stick to, so I didn’t lose motivation, and I needed a plan that hadn’t just been taken from other recipes online – something that catered to my dietary needs.

More than that, I needed something that was backed by science, so that I could feel confident I was going to get similar results to the other people who’d tried it before me.

This custom diet plan delivered on all fronts. I was given a plan that suited me, was easy to follow, and tasted delicious. All of it was easy to fill out after I submitted a short survey about myself, and then I could access it on my phone when I went grocery shopping.

Losing weight is hard, but thankfully, this diet plan made it just a little easier. Click here to find your custom diet plan today!


Quick update: Lauren from the comment section below found a working coupon code for 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan at https://cheapcoupan.xyz/8-week-custom-keto-diet-plan-coupon-codes/ this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program.(thanks to Lauren in comments)

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