Erase My Back Pain Review: Here is My Thoughts and Opinions…

How many times the back pain ruined your life and stopped you from being happy? Well, the answer is uncountable. Let me ask you another question: How many times you booked and went to chiropractic appointment thinking that this time you will able to fix your back pain? The answer is the same.

Hi there! My name is Milner and I live in Downtown. If you are looking for erase my back pain reviews this is the only article you should read. I am sure, after reading this book’s review: you will come to a conclusion whether the program is right for you and the ultimate solution for that exhausting pain.

No matter your age or gender: Because this program is designed for everybody. If you get this program, you don’t need to go for chiropractors. Chiropractic treatment are waste of your time and money. Because they will not give you treatment for permanent relief, instead they tell you to get some painkillers which will control the pain for some time.

But this Erase My back pain is 100% better than chiropractic treatment. If you follow the system correctly you will get your old golden days back for sure.

To use this program: you don’t need any fancy equipment, you don’t need to leave your house. All you need is a yoga mat and an empty room or place. In this review, I will talk about the main features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of the program to determine if it indeed does work as its author, Emily Lark, claims.

So keep on Reading…

Now let’s see what actually is EMBP created by Emily Lark.

What Is Erase My Back Pain?

Back to Life is a proven online coaching program: which is designed to help back pain, sciatica patients to get rid of it without going for chiropractors. This program is proven by science and teaches you a unique way: doing the daily workout routine for 10-15 minutes only. (but very effective and powerful)

Emily Lark(the author of erase my back pain) recommends you some exercises and stretches which is the key to unlock lower back pain. This program does not only help you to cure the back pain but also helps you to tone the abs and entire body as well.

As I said above: This program is working for men and women, at any age. So if you are a grandpa, then also this will work for you. The program is designed by very easy to understand videos, a healthy back checklist Ebook, and two amazing Bonuses.

Most people(Customer testimonials) say in their official erase my back pain website: that they saw immediate improvement right after doing the stretches and exercises. This program also helps to some more common types of back pain. Lumbar pain, Mid back pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis and back pain from accidents or injuries.

How does Erase My Back Pain work?

Emily’s program is not only based on exercises and stretches. She tells you to follow the correct dietary changes to get an effective result. Emily reveals some secret natural herbs you should use in dieting to relieve the pain.

Emily gets you through pain-free stretches to alleviate back pain completely and relieve muscle tension. Emily takes you through the program in a proven scientific sequence to improve the health of your back and removes the fault line in the body while strengthening and toning your core muscle.

This precise sequence of stretches and movements helps you to balance your vitality levels, unlock the body’s strength, and increase flexibility. Erase my back pain program is based on scientific pain research, kinesiology and exercise science.

Emily designed and prepared in three video part series that advance that your back pain is cured and your health improves. She tells you how you can address the most common posture imbalances and the correct routine also helps strengthen your core muscle.(core weakness is one of the pain behind back pain)

Who is Emily Lark?

emily lark
❇emily lark

Emily Lark is one of the most popular fitness and wellness coach. She is one of the top women in yoga, Fitness, and Pilates instructors in America(US). Emily has been teaching people these fitness and wellness training for more than 10 years and she opened her fitness and wellness studio in 2014 with the program she created to help people with regard everything about body shape.

At the age of 12, Emily faced a car accident. The accident resulted in her in severe back pain. She tried every doctor’s treatments: finally, the doctor said her to take back surgery but Emily refused to take surgery. Instead, she searched for non-surgical treatments to get relief from back pain.

She finally found this 10-minute routine and she able to get rid of the back pain permanently for life by doing these movements. Inside the program: you can see Emily reveals everything that she did to get permanent relief from back pain.

Is Erase My Back Pain scam or is it legit?

To be honest this program is not a scam. Emily will help you from start to end. She will be guiding you what should you do and how you should do exercises and stretches. The stretches and movements are carefully tested and proven keys to unlock your back pain or sciatica. This can ultimately help you to eliminate the pain in your back while your abdomen and core muscles are strengthened.

The stretches and movement will benefit you with balance, flexibility, and core strength. This program is not only helping you to strengthen your back but also tones your body. You don’t need to overcomplicate this because it is designed and based on kinesiology and Science. Whatever this program teaches will bring you improvements without disadvantages.

Quick update: Margo from the comment section below found coupon code for Erase My Back Pain at that will work until the end of April 2021, this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program.

What are the features/Inside the program?

The system does not come with only videos: Emily herself tells you some different dietary recommendations. She will guide you from A to Z like what and which herbs you should take to relieve from back pain.

Furthermore, you will get an easy-to-follow “healthy back checklist” eBook that you can read to learn more information. This “healthy back checklist” e-book will tell you how you can eliminate back and neck pain.

These are the overall outline of the program;

  • Preparations of sudden fits of back pain by restoring tendon, muscle, and nerve balances
  • Best proven sleeping positions to help you to cure back pain.
  • 10-15 minute routine exercises and stretches.
  • The correct posture (standing, walking, and sitting)
  • Nutritional suggestions: what you should consume to help you in fixing chronic back pain and sciatica.

Are there bonuses in this system?

Well, the program alone is a massive value we get for the money. But you also get two Super-Cool bonuses. These bonuses also make the program even more worth for the money. These bonuses will also help you more in curing back pain and at the same time, it improves your health and wellness.

These are the bonuses included in Erase My Back Pain;

Yoga video for Bedtime Back Relief: This bonus video shows you practical remedial stretches and exercises to cure aching pains. You should follow this therapeutic routine before going to bed because this helps to reduce the back strain accumulated for all day.

Guided Meditation Audio series: Emily’s used her yoga experience and prepared this audio series. This helps you to release stress and pain by meditating.

The Goods and Bads Of Erase My Back Pain Program

Now we will see both the advantages and disadvantages you will get from purchasing this program.


  • The program helps to get back your natural health for your body.
  • This program is designed for everybody who is suffering from back pain.
  • This will not consume your valuable time- it takes only 10 minutes to do per session for the day.
  • This program not only helps you to cure sciatica, but it also helps to tone your body.
  • Emily recommends you some dietary recommendations which are too beneficial for you mainly if you have no idea that diet is a relevant part of stretches and exercise.
  • The instructional videos are very easy to understand and straight to the point videos.
  • You don’t need any fancy equipment’s because you will be needed only a Yoga mat and a small area.
  • The program definitely worth the money and helps you to cure back pain permanently.
  • The program comes with 60-day money back guarantee. So you are risk-free and if the program does not right for you then you can get back the money.


  • To get access to the program: you should purchase from them.
  • It is available online. So you should need a constant internet connection to access it. (UPDATE: Now you can get a DVD copy)
  • There is no direct support where you can contact them through phone calls. Instead, they have email support which might take some time to get a response to your questions.
  • The forms and postures should be followed correctly. People who do not follow it correctly might suffer pain.

Is The Program Right for you?

lower back pain when runningMostly back pain causes for those who do a work repeatedly being in the wrong posture. For example: sitting at the computer for a long time is one of the common cause. If you follow some exercises routine every day means you are alright.

But most of us are very lazy and not even visited a Gym. So sciatica can easily cause these people. One advantage of the Program is that it arrange you for something you are yet to participate.

If you are one of the people who suffer from back pain then this will work for you. Age, Gender, Height, weight it all does not matter. Because this program is designed for everybody.

Emily packed the Program with a 60-day money back guarantee. So you have 60 days to figure out your decision. If the program does not fit for you: then you can ask for the refund.

What Can You Expect If You Follow This Program?

I know that this question is running in your mind: “Exactly how quickly this will work for me?

Well, I can’t guarantee you a time. Because the result will vary from everyone according to their pains and situations.

But I can tell you the two main factor that will decide how quickly it works;

  1. Nature of your pain in the back.
  2. The effort you put in.

   1. Nature of your pain in the back.

There are people who suffer from different types of back pain. The most common types are arthritis, bad posture, sciatica, past injury, back pain from pregnancy, etc…

There are also some people sufferers due to causes like chemotherapy, which cause pain in the lower back and internal organs.

Quick update: Margo from the comment section below found coupon code for Erase My Back Pain at that will work until the end of April 2021, this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program.

   2. The effort you put in.

The majority of the people who tried to erase my back pain had felt immediate improvements for some time. While certain people got some time to see the results.

My word for you is: Stick to the program and do the sessions until you feel better and make sure to pay close attention to the healthy back checklist ebook.

Sometimes you can feel improvements for the first try itself. But don’t give up, continue the program for some time. These stretches and exercises take some time to bring back your old body to the correct shape.


Erase my back pain review conclusionIf you are suffering from back pain and seeking for a solution: then this Erase My Back Pain(aka back to life) by Emily Lark is a right fit for you. Definitely, this program is worth your money because thousands of people cured their back pain with the help of this amazing program.

This program is designed for everybody who is suffering from back pain. Their age, gender, height, weight does not matter.

Back To Life price is very cheap and anyone can afford this. This treatment is a hundred times better than chiropractic treatment.

If you do not take any decision now means your sorrowful life will continue. You will not able to play with your children, you can’t sleep well, you can’t go to a party etc…

So trying this program is definitely worth your money and time. Instead of this taking, surgical treatment is No-brainer.

Don’t let things get worse. Try this, you can click this discount link to get erase my back pain with coupon and save more money further more.

I hope I solved all your question in this back to life reviews. I also hope this back to life Emily lark reviews is very helpful. there are no complaints about back to life program. Still, if you have questions let me know in the comments below.

Still, why are you waiting? Take the program, give it a go and get rid of that horrible pain. 

Thank you for taking your time reading this, have a bright future and I am signing out.


Milner Bradley has had over 15 years of experience in Health, Nutrition, research, and Journalism. His articles are extemely researched and experience and all the posts are verified by scientific findings. He shares his knowledge Here at Extreme Health Guides. Read more about us.

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