Fix My Back Pain Review: My Disappointing Results

Thinking about buying Fix My Back Pain? If so read this article to find out a few things that you don’t know about it before you give the credit card!

jesse on fix my back pain reviewHi there! My Name is Jesse and I am very happy to share the truth with you. In this Review, I will share my complete thoughts and results from using the program.

So Keep on Reading…

Recently I suffered from back pain. After my Wife passed away, I find it very hard to look after my two boys.

Taking them to school and bringing them back is not an easy work for me, because of the pain I had on my back.

Even going for shopping also a Hazardous task at that time.

Have you ever felt pain when you stand up from sitting position? I had that many times. To describe the pain: Its Terrible Man!!?

So its time to find some treatment to cure my back pain.

You might be thinking about Chiropractic treatment for sciatica: of course, I went to them. I will say their treatments not worth a dime.

Because of the things they recommended to me as medicines. One of the things is painkillers to cure sciatica.

Painkillers worked. It cured the pain for a certain time only. Everyone knows that taking painkillers continuously is injurious to our health.

The treatments they recommended are only temporary relief, Not permanent.

But I need to cure my sciatica or back pain completely away from me and forever FAST.

So I started to do some research on Google in order to get an ultimate solution to my back.

This is how I found the Fix My Back Pain(FMBP) Now program by Rick Kaselj.

FMBP Review: Here is my Opinions and Thoughts

FixRick Kaselj Program is an online coaching program that claims it can help back pain sufferers to get rid of sciatica by doing some Tactics.

The author of this program says that this FMBP is designed for everybody who is suffering from back pain.

Who is Rick Kaselj? (Author Of The Program)

author of fix my back pain now

Rick Kaselj is a professional in coaching fitness and yoga rehabilitation. He also educates people who met with an accident, sports injuries etc…

With all the experience and passion he has created many training courses for health and fitness professionals, Kinesiologists and healthcare providers.

Here’s Why I Didn’t Like It!

why I didn't like Fix My Back PainAfter reading some nonsense reviews on google about the Fix My Back Pain Program, I give it a go. I actually trapped by those reviews.

Immediately after purchasing the program I went through the training videos. The next day itself I started the workout that taught inside the training program.

As a 43-year-old man, I find it very hard to do the stretches taught inside the program. If you had any surgery before- I am sorry for you: I think it will hurt more with severe pain.

The program promises that we can expect a maximum result in a month. But I followed this program for more than 2 months and not felt any improvements.

Next, I went to some forums and asked about this program. They also said the same that this program is not working well.

I also read some comments and testimonials from real users who used it: all the comments and testimonials had the same problem as mines.

Simply it is a Scam and it is not worth a penny in my opinion.

To be honest these are my real results. I shared this to help people not to fooled by other reviews on the internet because they trying to sell the product to you.

Fix My Back Pain Alternatives: Here is What Worked Well For Me!

lower back pain when standing up from sitting positionWithout leaving you worried, I like to share what worked for me after failing from FMBP program.

After disappointment from getting FMBP program, I was not going to give up that easily.

About 2 months after I stumbled upon website after website, and landed in a Sciatica facebook group where many people like me share their thoughts and opinions on back pain.

In that group, most of the people talked about a program called My Back Pain Coach by Ian Hart and many of them had success with that.

I asked a woman about it whether it is for back pain sufferers and most importantly is it a scam like FMBP?

She sent me this link and said this helped her to get rid of sciatica by doing a few proven movements taught by Ian Hart inside My Back Pain Coach Program.

Actually, the introduction video of Ian Hart made sense and it relates to many problems I faced.

Then I came to the conclusion that Ian Hart is the real deal and definitely should give a shot.

Finally, to learn more about the program, I went to Google and read this awesome review of Ian Hart’s My Back Pain Coach

What it Is and What’s Included In With My Back Pain Coach

My back pain coach access-page

Mbc is an online training program created by a well-known back pain expert called Ian Hart. He is one of the toppers in the sciatica industry.

Ian Hart himself experienced back pain like us and he able to cure it by doing 8 proven movements.

Inside the program, we learn the exact movements by Ian Hart plus some additional stuff to go advanced in treating sciatica.

By doing these 8 movements every day which takes only 10-15 minutes we can able to cure the back pain. (read more because I will share my results from using it)

Inside the program, we get step by step instructional videos. The videos are very easy to follow and digest.

You can do these movements anywhere you want. I took my kitchen as my working place LOL…?

Don’t worry about other problems because Ian Hart clearly explains everything in the instructional videos.

Plus you also get 1-on-1 coaching. It means you can talk to Ian or to one of his expert directly, live. There you can ask your questions and find answers from a real human, not robot.

(Quick Update: Check the comments below, Lisa said you can get it cheaper if you get a coupon @   this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying My Back Pain Coach. Thanks, Lisa!)

Here are My Results From  Following Ian Hart’s MPC

After knowing more about this product: I grabbed my credit card and shot the payment option. BOOM?

Immediately after the payment, I received my copy(Training videos and other stuff)

I started watching all the videos and commenced to do the stretches the next day.

UPDATE: I Felt The Results in Day #6 of my journey

Fix My Back Pain resultsThe training videos are very idiot-proof to understand and to digest. The way Ian Hart teaches is very easy to understand.

This program is designed for anybody who wants to improve their posture and to get rid of sciatica forever.

As a 43-year-old man, I am able to do the movements very easily without feeling any pain.

On day 1 of doing the movements, I felt some improvements on my back and the pain little decreased.

I planned to follow these 8 movements for 2-3 months. But something magic happened on day 6.

I did not ask any questions about the movements. I just followed Ian’s voice and did what he said.

On Day 6, I am able to get rid of back pain completely away from me.


==>Coupon Codes and Discounts

coupon code If you’re looking for a My Back Pain Coach coupon or discount good luck because I tried everywhere on the web and nothing worked.;(

I tried a bunch of coupon websites but they all gave the same output “The coupon code you entered doesn’t exist. Please try again.

If you’re looking for a coupon code or discount for My Back Pain Coach, Lisa from the comments below found a promo page at which saves you 20% off.

I paid full price and still I am very happy but if you want to save money, go grab the coupon code. (Thanks to Lisa)

My Final Words For You…

Fix My Back Pain resultsFix my back pain is definitely not worth your money. I proved you that above and it didn’t help me. At least it didn’t make me to feel a little better.

So after some research, I found Ian Hart’s My Back Pain Coach. This helped me to get to rid of sciatica permanently in just 6 days.

My Back Pain Coach comes with 60-day money back guarantee so you are not losing anything or nothing too risky.

If you are suffering from back pain from a long time or recently, as a friend I am saying: check out this My Back Pain Coach and give it a go. I am sure you will able to cure the back pain.

That’s all: I wrote this review to help as many people to not to get fooled by FMBP Program like I did. Every penny we are spending is worth and valuable.

I am also very happy to write an article in too.

Still, if you have any question regarding this please let me know in the comments, I will be more than happy to answer plus it will help more and more people.

Thank you for taking your time on reading this fix my back pain Review.


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8 thoughts on “Fix My Back Pain Review: My Disappointing Results”

  1. Really glad I read your review as I was going to buy Fix my back pain program. I am not very disciplined when it comes to actually working out, but I am hoping with a step-by-step guide, I will be able to stick with it.

  2. Does anyone else look at the testimonials and reviews on the Fix my Back Pain website and cringe? They just seem like those fake scripted infomercial you see on TV.

    I bet they don’t display any of the negative reviews.

  3. Jesse thank you so much for your article!

    I was also like you who get scammed by Fix my back pain. Somehow I bout it a couple of months ago. I did not feel any improvements on my back. Like you said the stretches are very hard to do and I get bored with it.

    Then I searched for a better alternative, Thank God I landed on your page. Next after this comment, I am going to get the My Back Pain Coach.

    BTW, Thank you for your coupon trick.



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