Lo-Bak Trax Review: Here is Why I Returned it!(2021)

Back pain, simply the worst kind of struggle humankind goes through. Everybody might have taken tons of steps to do away with this mess.

Lo-Bak Trax is portable spinal traction used to relieve complications like degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, sciatica, etc.

But, Does this work? Is it really worth your money? You must have thousands of burning questions in your mind.

In this Lo-bak trax review I’m here to share my own experience and let me give you super cool answers for your burning questions.

What Actually Lo-Bak Trax is?

Lo-Bak-TraxRoland Berthiaume was a chiropractor for 15 years but couldn’t cure his back pain himself. He is the owner of the NGC company. He shows off this portable spinal traction device, Lo-BakTrax, to help people get to lose their stiff backs.

Lo-Bak Trax is an option to relieve back pain. This product can help you relieve yourself from back pain right at home… but it takes a really, very long period. (wait! Wait! How come I bear the pain so far?) 

Your upper body might not have enough strength to push and feel the traction in your spine.

When you endeavor to apply traction to your spine with the hands, you might not exactly know where to place your hands. So if that is the case, you can use this Lo-Bak Trax. 

Lo-Bak Trax is designed to be hand-held and seems to be similar to bicycle handlebars. The composition of the above device is ‘’V’’ shape structured, and beneath the two gripping bars, there are two curved metallic bars. 

Many customer testimonials reveal Lo-Bak Trax isn’t that great for spinal stenosis and muscle spasms.

How Does Lo-Bak TRAX Works?Lo Bak trax testing

I’ve experienced the traction force of lo bak trax, but to be honest, it increased my back pain even more.

It does decompress the lower back, but according to research, chiropractors say a slight decompression in the back wouldn’t help in relieving lower back pain.(1)

It gives pressure to the upper body while pressing the body down by the device. It can sound positive sometimes when you go on using it for an extended time. (Isn’t that tedious!?)

This device lacks comfortability. The ‘’V’’ shaped structure in the middle makes the user undergo agony as many Lo-bak Trax reviews complain of the agitation the users go through. 

It might not be easy for you at the beginning to use lo bak trax. If the device is used excessively, it may end up yelping you to medical treatments.

How to Use the Lo-Bak Trax for Back Pain?

How to use lo bak trax

Beginners may find difficulties in the utilization of Lo-Bak Trax, as I felt. 

Lie on the ground on your back and pull your feet upwards to your body. Make sure your foot soles stay flat on the floor. 

You’ll have to push the device on your upper thighs for about 10 seconds and go on doing the same from 5 to 6 times. You can either do it continuously, or you can rest yourself as much as you need. 

You’ll have to work with this device every day to assure yourself from back pain. Some use it 2-3 times a day. Usage of the device must be considered for how far does this device works for you.

You can use the Lo-Bak Trax to stretch your hamstring muscles as well. The ‘’V’’ construction helps you in targeting the absolute area of the hamstring muscle. But I learned this the “man-i-want-to-quit” way. 

Lo-Bak TRAX Side Effects & caution!

Using this product might be easy.

But what is the use of working with a product which puts no effort to help you in ways which will make you feel free from back pain?

You can also face certain side effects. When you go on pushing the thighs with the product, your thighs realize the SORENESS. It can take some time to figure out the correct position which is best for you.

Till you find the correct posture which will suit you, you’ll have to try different types of positions. You might get pissed off once you don’t fit with any position. (2)

You must be cautious that this product may sometimes work against and turn out the situation of your back pain WORSE.

Pros and Cons of Lo-bak Trax


  • FDA registered product. 
  • A hand-held and home-based product easy to use, and there’s no need for a great effort. 
  • You’ll have to use it only for a few minutes for treatment. 
  • You’re in good control of your traction force and direction. 
  • Suitable to use at any time, anywhere, indoors, and outdoors as well.
  • Rather than spending it on therapists and chiropractors, you can save money treating yourself at home.
  • Designed to treat muscle spasms, spinal stenosis, herniated discs.
  • Controlled by the user for orthopedic traction. 


  • The positioning of the user using Lo-Bak Trax can position themselves without the device itself.
  • Customer testimonials reveal that the patients feel the relief only for a short period after using this device.
  • Some reviews show that it worsens the condition in certain situations.

Lo-Bak Trax Customer Testimonials & Complaints

According to all the reviews of the customers, it seems to be the device is ineffective. I’ve experienced the usage of the product myself, but really there are no changes I could find. (To be Honest!) 

There are some customers who have gained the benefit out of Lo-Bak Trax.

Most of the customers say that their back pain had grown worse after the usage of the device.

Lo-Bak Trax might not suit all the people which the customers complain that the shape and structure of the device do not fit their thighs.

Customers complain that the patients who had spinal surgeries cannot use this, and patients who have severe pain with cough and sneeze cannot have this as their back pain-relieving device.

It’s obvious that purchasing this product is worth your money.

Check out the screenshots of some Lo-Bak TRAX customer reviews 

customer reviews Lo-Bak TRAX customer review 3

Is It Really Worth It? (Our Opinion)

Personally, I don’t think that this is an effective product. All the lo bak Trax reviews reveal that most of the time, it was an annoyance for them to place the product between their legs.

There’s no use in pushing the thighs to alleviate back pain, as many customer testimonials say that the composition of the device could be made in a way that comforts people.

The position of the user using lo bak Trax could simply take the position without the device. 

You can get better alternatives than lo bak trax.

But do you think getting rid of back pain can only be cured using company products?

If so, you’re at the right place! Here I introduce you to a simple and natural methodology to cure your back pain in just a couple of weeks. (Sounds pretty impressive! isn’t it?)

Here’s my opinion! Go on reading…

Back To Life is an online program designed to help people relieve themselves from back pain. 

Their height, weight, gender, and age does not matter at all. This is very cheap and affordable.

Erase My Back Pain is a program developed by Emily Lark to help people get rid of back pain. This program is assured for everyone, no matter what’s your age or gender.

Does this program work? Have you ever seen a “Get-away-from-me-right-now” yell? If so, this program works. (IT WORKED FOR ME!)

Erase My Back Pain is 100% answerable for you to save your money, not wasting it for cruel chiropractic treatment (so why hate and confuse?!) You’ll not need any company products. All you need is a yoga mat and some space. 

This program neither consumes your precious time nor is it difficult. Work for 10-15 minutes for each session per day could result MARVELLOUSLY

Most reviews reveal that the patients find significant improvements after trying out the recommendations claimed by the author Emily Lark.

She recommends some real curing stretches and exercises which will help you relieve yourself totally from lower back pain.

Lo-Bak Trax is a device that does only make you do one exercise for 10-15 minutes, but when you come to know about Emily’s tips, stretches and exercises are recommended for back pain relief. 

This is something very unique and works out very efficiently. Rather than looking for a medical device, you can work like “Get-work-done” type people.

Erase My Back Pain Overview

                                    Click here to see yourself

The total program is based on scientific research. It helps you with inflexibilities, strengthening and toning your core muscles as well.

Emily Lark directs some new positions and the correct postures in sleeping, standing, sitting, and walking to relieve yourself from lower back pain.

 A useful BACK CHECKLIST EBOOK is provided along with understandable VIDEO CLIPS and AUDIO CLIPS as well. She not only recommends stretches and exercises but also a healthy diet plan to follow.

Emily Lark reveals some secret herbs that should be consumed along with your diet.

You gain two bonuses, which makes all worth itYoga Videos for bedtime back

emily lark
      *Emily Lark

relief and Guided meditation audio series are the exclusive bonuses you’ll own.

What is the real reason for your back pain?

It’s because most of the time, we do work staying in the wrong posture for a long time. If that is the case, Emily guides you from beginning to end to get rid of it. 

For some, this might not be answerable as I cannot guarantee you an exact time for healing. 

But it’s in your hands to put up the effort to understand the situation of your lower back pain.

Have a thorough understanding of the videos and go through the tips recommended by Emily to relieve yourself as fast as possible. 


Verily, here I share my own experience and the result I’ve got. This workout answered me within just three weeks. I saw a significant improvement that I was able to stretch my body, and this was the foremost reason for my back pain relief.

It’ll be the best feeling ever to relieve yourself from back pain, and I’ve experienced it because of this Erase My Back Pain program. 

As I’ve said, a lo bak Trax review reveals that this isn’t a good product that can make you work with ease relieving you from back pain, but this online program is a lot more helpful as it is easy and IT WORKS!

I understood that the lo bak Trax portable spinal traction medical device is just a materialistic attraction, which I myself thought might workout but end up showing no result. Check out the link here for the ultimate curing Erase My Back Pain program.

Suppose you people are suffering from herniated discs, spinal degenerative, and degenerative joint disease. I highly recommend you all this physical therapy. Give your back pain a very “DontBotherMe-ly” glance.

Many people got the use out of it and cured themselves. Before things get worse, choose what will fit you and what is best for you. Don’t get confused. Stick to the matter and get away from back pain.

I hope my review helps you to choose the correct alternative. Watch back. Your golden days are returning to you! 


Can I use the lo-bak Trax twice or thrice per day?

As far as I’ve experienced, I don’t think working only once with this device will show you the best result. According to the nature of your back pain, if you really don’t experience the pain, you can go on working with this product twice or thrice per day. 

What if I use a pillow under my back while using lo-bak Trax?

Using a pillow under your back is useless when it comes to back pain relief exercises. Your back must lie flat on the floor so that you will gain a better result. 

What am I supposed to do if I don’t feel the traction at the right spot?

When your body is not placed in the correct position, you’ll not feel the traction right at the spot where you need it. If that is the case, try changing the status of your feet or thighs or any part where a change of position is needed. 

Why are my Hand Grips Rotating?

The product is designed in such a way that the grips are rotating to make sure that you are gripping up the exact angle. 

Why do I don’t feel the Stretch in my Lower Back but in my Mid Back?

You will feel the traction force on your lower back after a few days when you get used to Lo-Bak Trax. That is because your lower back gets tightened during the first use, and the mid-back is going to be stretched or move at first.

Make sure to bring your thighs as close to your groin as possible. Placing your thighs far away from your groin and closer to your knees will not work.

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