Lo-Bak Trax Review: Here is Why I Returned it!(2020)

If you are planning to get Lo-bak Trax then you are probably one of the 70 million people who suffer from back pain. Back pain is one of the exhausting pain which has no pattern, in common it is an intense shooting pain in the lower back and radiates through the leg and buttocks.

It promises and claims that it is an effective & easy way to take pressure off the spine, nerves &  joints.

It also claims that Lo-bak Trax is designed to help;

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Herniated Discs
  • Sciatica
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Spinal Degenerative Disease

Lo-Bak TRAX Review

HI There! My name is Maurice and today I will review complete A-to-Z the Lo-bak Trax with my experience from using it. I will share with you the journey and at last, I will tell the bottom line whether you should buy it or not. So make sure to read the article completely.

I have 2 kids and recently I suffered from back pain which turned my happy life into sorrowful life. The intense shooting pain started to increase day by day.

Sometime when I asleep I will feel the pain, many nights that pain took my sleep away from me and made me sad. So I started to seek help.

One of my friends recommended me to a chiropractor and without doubt, I booked an appointment. I went to him and said the pains and struggles I faced.

He told me that something wrong with my Sciatic nerve. I have no idea what sciatic nerve is. So I asked him. He told Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our body and if something wrong with it, mainly it results in sciatica or lower back pain.

I hurried and asked at him what is the best treatment for that. He told there is no treatment that will give you instant results instead there are treatments which take some time to give results.

For treatment, he recommended me to do some basic exercises, painkillers when the pain is unbearable and finally the Lo-bak Trax.

The exercises he recommended are waste of time. Because I did the exercises for months, it did not give any results or improvements while the pain remained the same.

The painkillers he recommended are actually worked. When the pain is unbearable I will take the painkillers and it will control the pain for some time. We all know that taking painkillers constantly is not good for our health at the same time it is a slow poison.

The bottom line is chiropractic treatments are waste of time and it will give only temporary relief.

So what is it about? Is it worked? Let’s find out with all the details.

What Actually Lo-Bak Trax is?

Lo-Bak-TraxLo-bak Trax is like a bicycle handle that mechanically decompresses the spine and discs. As we all know spinal compression is one of the most common causes of sciatica(also known as back pain). It promises and claims to provide easy and effective relief for back pain.

Lo-bak Trax comes in 2 different sizes;

  • red (smaller one)
  • blue(regular)

To find out which one is right for you, you should measure the middle of your right thigh at the mid-groin level to the middle of your left thigh. If the measurement is 10.5” or above, Blue(regular) is right for you, if the measurement is 10” or less than that yours is red.

How Does Lo-Bak TRAX Works?

Like I said above it is a bicycle handle shaped and a deep V in the middle. Its every side are gripped so it is comfortable to hold with our hands.

As specified by the company, it helps you to find help in 3 ways;

  1. Lie down on your back in the floor, which relaxes your back muscles and relieves spinal pressure.
  2. Pull/lift your feet up towards your body, keeping your soles flat on the floor. This works to flatten the curve in your lower back, which means you will need less traction to stretch your spine.
  3. lastly, place Lo-bak Trax between your legs with the pads resting on your upper quad muscle, and gently push. This decompresses the spine.

Compared to other devices like inversion tables, Lo-bak Trax provides you with the dual traction force. since your body is pushed forward your feet, while your upper body is pushed off the metal handles of the system towards your head. So they finally claim it gives effective results

Moreover, Lo-bak Trax can target your specific pain areas by changing your wrist or leg position. You can also use it for stretching, hip or knee problems.

Is Lo-Bak TRAX Effective?

lower back pain when bending over or sittingTraction works by straightening and stretching the spine, resulting in decreased pressure on the discs. It might deliver non-surgical relief along with some side effects.

It’s important that you should know that your body will be sored within 2 or 3 weeks from using it. You will start to experience temporary muscle spasm after using this traction treatment.

Using the system is also same as trying other devices like inversion table or manual chiropractic adjustment. Because the results are the same which will give you temporary relief not permanent or forever…

Lo-Bak TRAX Side Effects & caution!

In their official page, they say it can take some time to figure out the ideal traction time, so you need to practice with it and try different postures to find one that is fit for you.

The most common side effect you might face is the soreness like I told you before.

Pros and Cons of  Lo-Bak TRAX


  • It is portable, you can take it anywhere you want and a small solid is enough to put Lo-bak Trax.
  • You will get a DVD manual which will explain all the pieces of information and exercises you need.
  • Its completely durable and gives you full control.


  • It will not help you to get rid of back pain permanently but gives you temporary relief.
  • According to feedbacks, it will not work for most of people.
  • If you had a knee replacement or any sort of surgeries then it might be painful for you.
  • Finally, it is not worth that much from my perspective and the treatment I took is much better than Lo bak Trax.

Why I didn’t like it?

I tried this  Lo bak Trax for 2 months and no interesting results. It gave temporary relief for my back but what I need is I need to cure this pain permanently. The other thing is  Lo-bak is not helps to improve your muscle or strengthen muscle imbalance.

I am not saying Trax does not work, it helps to give short term relief while most of us are looking for getting rid of sciatica permanently for forever.

Apart from me, some customer reviews.

If you need more information about review means, then you can check these customer feedbacks to understand more about Lo bak Trax review.





Then What Helped Me? What I Recommend Instead?

Like I said I used the  Lo-bak Trax for months and it didn’t give me the results I expected. So I went to google to find help with my problem. I landed in a facebook group where people like me who are suffering from back pain had shared their thoughts.

I shared my problem and asked help for it. Then a lady sent me this link and said this My back pain coach is an online program and it will help you to get rid of sciatica forever. I also noticed in the group many people had success with this program.

So to confirm the program actually work I went to google read this review.


My back pain coach is an online coaching program which helps people to get rid of back pain permanently by doing 8 proven movements which will not take more than 16 minutes. This program is designed by Ian Hart who is a back pain expert and himself experienced the back pain.

It is always good to get a program from a guy who experienced the pains and struggles. He has already helped thousands of people to get rid of back pain.

The stretches are very easy to perform. Believe me, as a 52-year-old I did it.


my back pain coach resultsAfter Confirming this program actually works, I came to a decision. After watching my back pain coach’s introduction video I thought this is the program I should give a try.

Later I purchased the program and I received my copy instantly after buying. Then onward I started to watch the videos of what Ian Hart tells.

The first I did the recommended movements. It was very easy but I did not do 100% correctly. After the first day, I felt some improvements and the pain decreased.

I planned to follow this program for 14 days. The funny thing is after doing the fourth session (4th day) I am able completely to cure my back pain. I have not felt like this before, I think the movements are very powerful.

Now I am able to enjoy my life like old days and no more pain on my back. First I should thank Ian Hart to create such an amazing program.


It is a bicycle stand shaped equipment which claims that it will help you cure your back pain. It only helps you to cure the back pain for short term and the pain will come back. If anybody wants a quick relief then this will fit for them.

Apart from this, there are so many side effects, disadvantages and negative customer feedbacks like I said above.

I am able to cure my back pain completely in just 4 days by doing some proven movements taught by Ian Hart in his My Back Pain Coach program. If anybody wants to cure sciatica forever then I highly recommend this awesome program.

Bottom line is My back pain coach is worth than  Lo bak Trax. So click here to check out a review of it.

If you find this Lo-bak Trax review helpful then make sure to share and if you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this, have a Bright future and I am signing out.

Milner Bradley has had over 15 years of experience in Health, Nutrition, research, and Journalism. His articles are extemely researched and experience and all the posts are verified by scientific findings. He shares his knowledge Here at Extreme Health Guides. Read more about us.

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