What Causes and Treatment For Lower Back and Hip Pain (2019 EDITION)

Are you be racked with pain on your Lower back and hip pain? Chances are most of the people would be racked. According to research, 80% of the American people suffer from these pain.

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HI There! My name Smith and today I will share with you What causes lower back pain(sciatica) or hip pain and how to get rid of it by applying natural remedies.


Herniated disk

This is also called the slipped disk. This occurs when your jelly inside your spinal disk pushed out of the exterior disk. This also makes you feel numbness and pain by irritating the closer by nerves.

Other than sciatica or back pain you may also feel these symptoms;

  • Tingling
  • Butt and hip pain
  • thigh pain
  • weakness


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Muscle strain

Sciatica or back pain is the common result of Muscle strain. Strains occur when your ligaments are overstretched and sometimes Ripped. So the immediate result is your back pain and sometimes the hip pain can also occur.

You can do some stretches to get rid of it. If the pain is severing then try physical therapy.

Pinched Nerve

This pinched nerve occurs when too much pressure applied to a nerve. This is a severe condition that may origin tingling, shooting pain and discomfort in your back spine or hip.

This can also bring numbness and pain.

Sometimes old injuries you had before can also cause Pinched Nerve. These are also some cause of pinched nerve;

  • Sports
  • stress
  • repetitive movements

These are some common causes of lower back and hip pain. They may also some other symptoms of other problems.

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Now I will share with you my story about lower back and hip pain and how I get rid of it.

Recently I suffered from this pain and ruined my daily life. I am a father of two kids and taking them to school and bringing them home is not an easy work for me.

Sometimes I won’t sleep at night because when I roll in the bed I feel the pain and sleep will go.

So I tried to get to a chiropractor to get treatment but nothing seemed good. They gave me null treatment which is not worth a cent.

So I tried to get to Facebook to find help and landed on a facebook sciatica group. Their a lady recommend me this My back pain coach program by Ian Hart. Straight away I went to google and read this review and confirmed that this program is worth a try.

So I gave a shot!! TA-DAH.

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I now think this is the best move I did in my life. Because now I am free of that exhausting pain and returned to a former version of me.


There are so many things that cause lower back and hip pain. That symptoms also causes some other problem as well.

So going to the doctor or chiropractor is not worth your time and money. You can try this 100% natural treatment, exercises by Ian Hart called My back pain coach is definitely worth a try.

You can cure your pains forever in just a few days. So thank you for reading this article. If you find it useful then show some love by sharing this because this can help a lot of people. Still if you any question let me know in the comments and I am signing out…

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