Lower Back Pain When Bending Over or Sitting: Easy treatment in 19 Mins

WAIT A MIN – Are your lower back pains when you bend over or sit? Then this is the article you should read. According to research, 80 percent of the Americans are suffering from back pain also known as sciatica.

There are so many causes of back pain. Like doing work repeatedly, heavy accidents, sports injuries etc.. but the symptoms remains the same.

There is no proper pattern how back pains but most of it is an intense shooting pain which will radiate through your buttocks and leg.

it causes in your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our body. So if this gets damaged, then this is one of the causes to result back pain.

 lower back pain when bending over or sitting

HI There! My name is Maurice and today I will share with you how I able to fix my back in just 4 days. So make sure to read this article completely.

If you think: “hey I feel lower back pain only when bending over or sitting”

No problem the treatment I am going to show you will work for you for sure.


My name is Maurice and I have 4 children furthermore I am a Taxi driver. I love to play soccer with my children and to hang out with my family. Recently I had my back pain when I bend over or sit in a few minutes the pain will come.

My children like to go to musical concerts at weekend and I will take them every weekend. So after the back pain, I can’t stand for a long time and I am not able to enjoy the show also.

One day my children said DJ Snake the Frenchman is coming to do a concert and said me to take them there. DJ Snake is one of the famous guy and he will do concerts very rarely.

So at that time, I said them ok and in my mind, I thought I might not able to get there.

I booked an appointment for a chiropractor and went to him. I said about my pain and struggles to him. He said me my sciatic nerve got affected that’s why I feel pain.

 lower back pain when bending over or sittingI have no Idea what sciatic nerve is. So I asked him. He told me that is the largest nerve in our body and it is the main reason for back pain.

So I hurried and asked him what is the solution or treatment for it. He told me to do some exercises and to take painkillers when the pain is unbearable.

I should say that the exercises he recommended are waste of time. Because I performed the exercises for months, never felt any improvements furthermore the pain remain the same.

The painkillers helped me to minimize the pain for some time not permanently. I thought that chiropractic treatment is a scam because of the invaluable treatment they give and the cost are very high.

So I thought of trying to get help. I researched for 3 hours and landed in a facebook group where people like me (back pain sufferers) sharing their thoughts and opinions. They were mainly talking about a program called ‘My Back Pain Coach’ and most of the people had success with it.

Then I shared my story with them. Their a lady sent me this link and said this will help to get rid of lower back pain faster than you think.

Next, to make sure this program does what it says, I went to google and read this review and confirmed to give this program a shot.

The introduction video they have on their site is very relatable to me and my pains. Furthermore, I thought this is the program I definitely should give a try. (You can watch the video here too)

I will share with you my results later, now let’s see what exactly is this program is.


My back pain coach is an online coaching program which helps back pain sufferers to get rid of it by doing 8 proven movements for 16 minutes.

This program is created and designed by Ian Hart who is a back pain expert and himself experienced it.

It is good to learn from a man who himself had the pain and struggle. This program is designed for anybody no matter their age or gender to fix their back by applying these stretches.

If you want to read a complete program review and know everything about the program, then check this is out.


I am sorry guys I can’t share everything that’s inside with you. But I strongly suggest you take the program because the one on one training they offer you is awesome. It means you can talk with Ian Hart or one of his experts via phone or skype and get live tips.

Here are my favorite stretches I think you will love this:

Knee to The Chest Stretch

This knee to the chest is an awesome stretch and very effective. After doing this I find the instant result. In other words, the pain will get kicked out or decrease. This is very basic one and easy moreover anyone can do this;

This is my favorite and there are others also which I love. You can check all these here on their page.

Let’s wrap it all up!


Are you suffering from lower back pain when bending over or sitting? I am sure you can cure it easily and naturally.

Going to chiropractic treatments are waste of your time and money. So definitely try this my back pain coach to get rid of sciatica forever in 16 minutes by doing simple proven movements.

If you find this article helps make sure to share and if you have any questions let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for taking your time reading this and I hope a bright future behind you!

6 thoughts on “Lower Back Pain When Bending Over or Sitting: Easy treatment in 19 Mins”

  1. Thank you so much, Maurice, for this. I definitely going to check out that program. I am tired of this chiropractors. I am sure if you can do it I also can do it.

  2. Thanks Maurice! Actually I got the program and I’m on day 3 and I feel really good. I haven’t been able to work for about 2 years because of my sciatica. So far, it looks like I might be able to get back to work after completing the program.

  3. Dude! Thank you for the inspiring story. It’s awesome when these products so many people are skeptical about really work (myself included). I will be giving this program a TRY!


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