How To Cure Lower Back Pain When Running

Are you experiencing lower back pain while running? If yes then read this article completely and you will be surprised at what I am going to reveal you today.

Running is a repetitive stress activity for a long duration. People who suffer back pain while running or jogging can experience pain worse than others.

lower back pain when running

HI There! My name is Maurice and I am also a runner for a long time. Recently I suffered from back pain which leads my running activity into destruction and I am able to get back it by curing the back pain. I am very happy to share with you my story today so keep reading.

Common Lower Back Injuries for Runners

  1. Pain in your lower back that is associated with shooting intense pain down the back of one or both of your legs indicates sciatica or discogenic pain. A pinched nerve causes this discomfort. It often feels sharp compared to the muscle gripping sensation that you would feel with a muscle spasm.
  2. Muscular pain that comes on suddenly in your lower back is often indicative of a muscle spasm. Your muscles will feel as though they have locked up, and the pain will be worse or severe and debilitating. You will not feel the shooting intense pain characteristic of sciatica.
  3. If you experience a chronic general achiness across the whole area of your lower back, you may have arthritis.

Treatment For lower back pain when running

jogging and running-minRecently I also suffered from back pain while running. Every morning I will jog before going to the office.

This is one of my daily routines and it will keep us strong and healthy. The stinging sensational pain in the lower back and will radiates through the leg and buttocks. They also say this as sciatica.

So the day goes on my back pain started to increase. I also stopped for going running then.

I booked a chiropractic appointment to get treatment and went to him and said about my pain which causes while running.

He told me that my sciatic nerve got affected that’s why I am experiencing back pain. I have no idea what sciatic nerve is? So I asked him.

He said sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our body. Next, I asked him for treatments and medicines.

He recommended me few exercises to do daily and gave some painkillers to take when the pain is unbearable.

I should say his treatments and medicines are garbage. Because I did the exercises for more than 3 months and never felt any improvements or results.

The painkillers worked for some time, it means when the pain is severe I will take painkillers and will control the pain for some time.

As we all know painkillers are not good for our health. This is why I said chiropractor’s treatments are rubbish.

After 2 months from that one of my friend messaged me on Instagram. I said about my lower back pain when running.

He soon sent me this link and said “ Maurice try this sciatica sos program, again you will never get the pain back”

I actually shocked for a moment after reading his message. But I was skeptical and not believe that this will work.

So I went to google and read this review about sciatica sos program. I confirmed that this program is legit by seeing so many success stories.


lower back pain when runningSciatica sos is an online coaching program which helps back pain sufferers to get rid of back pain in just 7 days or less.

Sciatica sos is created and designed by former back pain sufferer Glen Johnson who is a back pain expert.

He uses 100% natural and drug-free methods as treatment. This program can help you to cure back pain permanently instead of temporary relief.

If you want to learn more about this program then you check this full review.

As soon as I confirmed this program works I gave it a try. Immediately after purchasing, I received my training.

Glen talks about some unique tips like sleeping and diet which I never heard of that it plays a major role in curing the pain.

He also tells to drink a special Nepalese tea which is the key to unlock the back pain.

I tried this program and followed the strategies for only 6 days. But my pain completely vanished on day 4.

Now I am able to continue my running and jogging like before. From that day 4 for until now I a small pain I never felt on my back.


If you are experiencing lower back pain when running then going for chiropractors or doctors are waste of your time and money.

There are many things that cause back pain when or while running.

So try this sciatica sos program which will help you to get rid of back pain in 7 days or less. If you try this I am sure you can get back your old days and kick the pin out of your back.

If you have any question let me know in the comments below and I am signing out…

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