Lower Back Pain When Standing Up From Sitting Position: Easy Treatment

 lower back pain when standing up from sitting positionAre your back pain hurts when you stand up from sitting position? Then this is the article for you. Read this article fully to understand what causes lower back pain when standing up from sitting position and how you can cure it easily.

HI There! I am Alex and today I will share with you my story on how I able to cure my back pain in just 4 days.


According to research, 80% of the American people are having sciatica(aka back pain).

There are so many causes of back pain. Some of them are Accidents, sports injuries, and muscle strain etc…

Here are some common causes of lower back pain;

  • Strains from too much force put on a muscle.
  • Spine problems
  • Degenerative disc disease, a breakdown of discs vertebrae, space decrease between them and irritating surrounding nerves.

Although there are so many causes and the symptoms remain same most often.


  • Powerlessness when straightly standing without having muscle spasms or extreme pain in the lower back.
  • Lower back pain that travels or radiates from lower back to your buttocks, and into the toes and calf.
  • Severe or unbearable pain in the upper back, neck or lower back. Mainly when you lift or carry heavy objects or engaging in other hardest activities
  • Stiffness or persistent aching anywhere along your back, from the bottom of the neck to the tail bone.

So how to treat them? What is the treatment to fix this issue? Before telling you my treatment, I just want to let you know about chiropractors.

The Most Famous Natural Sciatica Treatment – Try This, You will not Regret It.


lower back pain when standing up from sitting positionIf you are planning to go for a chiropractors appointment, then I will say you go. But most of the time their treatment will not work. Why?

When I was suffered from lower back pain even small tasks became a big task for me. Being a father of two kids and managing them is another hardest task I faced.

So I sought for help. Some said to go for chiropractors and I booked an appointment with my monthly salary. I thought that I would probably fix my back.

When I went to the chiropractor, he said me to do some stretches (which I think a waste exercise that we all did in our school age) and some painkillers to control the pain for some time.

You see that:

That’s why their treatments are not valuable. The stretches he recommended me to do gave me nothing as since I did it for months and the painkillers we all know its a slow poison.

Going to take chiropractic treatment will not give you permanent relief, waste of time and money.


One day When I was scrolling my Facebook feed one guy talked about sciatica. He said to join their group to get help.

Next, I joined the group. The people(who suffered from back pain) kept sharing their thoughts about their back pain.

So I shared my pains and struggles with them by posting. Then a lady replied to me by sending this link and said this Erase My Back Pain Program by Emily Lark can help you to cure all sort of pain.

Immediately after saying thanks to her, I went to google and read this review from EHG’s contributer to confirm that the program is working. After reading that I give it a try. Now I think that is the best move of my life that I took.


what back pain causesIt is an online training program that helps people to get relief from sciatica by doing a simple 16 minutes stretches. It is designed and developed by Ian Hart who is a back pain expert and himself experienced back pain.

He has already helped thousands of people to get rid of back pain.

This will not give you temporary relief instead this will give you permanent relief.

If you follow the instructions and do the stretches that are said by Ian Hart you WILL cure your back pain in a few days.


I planned to give this program a try for 14 days. On the first day itself, I felt better after doing the stretches.

Believe me, anyone can do these exercises. As a 46-year-old man, I did this very easily but not 100% correctly.

I made this stretches as one of my daily routines and followed it.

Here is the funny thing:

When I kept following the program, on the day 4 I am able to cure it completely. After doing the stretch on day 4 my pain completely is gone.

But I didn’t stop do the stretches. I continued for 14 days, after that I did not get the pain again until now.


 lower back pain when standing up from sitting positionIf you feel lower back pain when standing up from sitting position then it is curable. It is the pain called sciatica also known as back pain. There are many causes of back pain and the symptoms are same.

Going for chiropractic treatment is waste of time and money because their treatment will not give you permanent relief.

This Erase My Back Pain Program is an awesome coaching problem which helped me relieve from back pain and it can help you too by doing stretches for 16minutes.

Thank you for reading the article and don’t make sure to share and ask any question if you have in the comment section below.

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