physical therapy for lower back pain

Best Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain: This is the One you should Try!

It’s for sure most of the people would be suffered from lower back pain. According to research, 80% of the United States population is experiencing back pain. Because of this, sciatica became the leading cause of a visit to a doctor or chiropractor.

It is an exhausting pain which will not allow you to do your work properly. There are so many treatments which will promise it will give permanent relief but it will not give.

 physical therapy for lower back pain

Hi there! My name Alexander and today I will share my story on how I able to cure my back pain permanently in just 4 days by doing few super cool stretches for 18 minutes. I am sure it will work for anybody who wants to fix their back if they do these stretches.

I think this is the best physical therapy for lower back pain and it will 100% work.

Before revealing the treatment, I like to share my story on how I able to cure my sciatica also known as back pain.


My name is Alexander (sorry for saying my name again, LOL) and  I am a father of two beautiful kids and I am very happy to share my story with you guys. I am a Bus Driver and I like to play with my children.

They also enjoy when they play with me and suddenly it all stopped. Recently I had a back injury which turned my happy life into a sad life.

One day Before starting my Bus journey me and my friend Terrence lifted a heavy table in my room. When I lifted it my back gave me an Exhausting pain which I never experienced such pain before.

The pain is unbearable for me and my eyes went into the dark. I don’t know what happened next, when I open my eyes I have been in a hospital bed.

I hear that my wife talking to the doctor. The doctor said to my wife my spine had injured and I should take a surgery.

Somehow I took an excuse from the doctor and went home without getting trapped by surgery.

You know my profession and the salary I get is not even enough for my family. If I should take the surgery, then I should multiply my monthly salary by 100 to pay for surgery cost.

Now I think you feel my situation:

I just left this matter off and not considered for months yet I had that intense shooting pain.

The pain became to increase and the condition went normally to unbearable. Even when sleeping I will feel the pain and many days back pain took my sleep.

Sometimes going to a grocery shop is also became a Nightmare for me.

Then I somehow booked an appointment for a chiropractor. He said me to do some exercises and gave a painkiller and plucked my salary.

I should say that their treatment is rubbish. Because I did the stretches for more than for months and not even felt a little better. The painkiller he gave me is helped to cure the pain for some time. Again they will not give you permanent relief only temporary.

Then it is time for finding a better solution.


After some days, one of my old friends messaged me. I said my sad story to her that I am experiencing back pain for a long time.

Then she sent me this link and said this has helped her to get rid of back pain completely.

So I can’t wait to see what is that. So I went to google and researched about this program and I Read this review and confirmed to give it a try.

Before sharing my experience with you, It’s better to understand what is that program(my back pain coach) is.


 physical therapy for lower back painMy back pain coach is an online coaching program which helps sciatica patients to get rid of back pain. The creator of this program is a well-known back pain expert called Ian Hart and himself experienced back pain.

It helps you to fix your back by doing some proven stretches for not more than 16 minutes. It is very easy guys, believe me, I did it as a 50 years old man.

This is the summary of what my back pain coach is and if you like to read a complete review then you can click here.


After confirming that this program actually works I purchased it. After buying it instantly I received my copy and then start to watch the videos.

On day 1 somehow I able do the stretches. It’s that much easy and shame on me I did not do it 100% correctly. The second stretch he telling to do is very effective and it gave immediate results.

I planned to follow this course for 14 days because every day when I do the stretches I felt much better and my pain started to decrease.

The funny thing is on day 5 itself I am able to cure my back pain completely away from me. Then onwards my pain vanished and never came still today.

Now I am able to play with my kids and enjoying life like old days.


 physical therapy for lower back painIf you guys also like me who are experiencing back pain for a long time or short time going for chiropractors and doctors are waste of your time and money.

If the pain continues you will not able to enjoy your life even you can’t go to parties.

So my best physical therapy for lower back pain is my back pain coach and it is the program I took to get rid of back pain in just 4 days.

If you want to really cure the back pain forever then you need to give a shot to this program.

If you find this article helpful then make sure to share and if you have any question let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for taking your time reading this and I am signing off.

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