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Planning to buy Max Workouts? Here’s my personal experience with the program after using it for 90 days. Like most people, I was sold, but the results convinced me that it was not worth my penny. Yes, that’s what I really think. Read my Max Workout review to decide whether or not it is right for you.

Who I am and how I found Max Workouts by Shin Ohtake

Hi, my name is Jonas. Like every other fitness enthusiast, I have been obsessed with maintaining a good fitness level for the last fifteen years. Doing daily workouts and living a healthy lifestyle helped keep me in good health and shape.

But after my 35th birthday, I noticed a consistent rise in my weight despite going to the gym daily and doing extensive workouts.

*Shin Ohtake

Dejected, I somehow lost interest in doing fitness exercises and gained even more weight until my better half spurred me to get to it again. But this time, she has come with a ‘promising solution:’ Max Workouts. Yes, as a caring wife, she has searched Google and found Max Workouts to be among the most popular solutions.

I was doubtful about the program’s effectiveness, but still decided to give it a shot, anyhow, thinking who knows maybe it could help! And I didn’t want to break my wifey’s heart; after all, she has made all the effort to find the program for me.

As I do with anything I want to buy, I went on to read some Max Workouts reviews before purchasing the guide. While I came across many negative reviews for max workouts, there were a few that talked positively about the product. I was still skeptical, but still decide to go for it to see for myself if it really works.

So, I finally bought the Max Workouts program and materials for $39.95.

What is included in the guide

The guide included:
  1. Workout designs planned for 90 days
  2. Workout charts
  3. Instructions and photo demos
  4. Exercise schedule

The guide and materials were sent to me in an eBook format. I wish there were printed versions available.

My experience

I started the program to see if it actually lives up to its promise to get me lean and rippled with 30 minutes of exercise a day for the next 90 days. I did the Max Workouts religiously for three months (90 days). So, here’s what I found the program and my max workouts results to be like.

Max Workouts are monotonous and uninteresting

I found Max Workouts to be monotonous. While they may be effective for some people, they are so dull I struggled to follow the program.

They were no fun at all. For three months that I did the workouts, I felt more like doing chore than actually enjoy the workouts. I would force myself into doing the exercises, expecting I would achieve the results and thinking there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

On top of that, the material seemed authentic to me, but Max Workout isn’t unique at all when you look at the big picture. It takes most of its inspiration from the Tabata Workout phenomenon that is widely used in many different weight loss methods.

Most of you would agree that motivation takes center stage when it comes to workouts. But Max Workouts is totally the opposite. It discourages you instead of instilling motivation in you. I found it entirely unfavorable as it would push me to avoid working out completely, but I still continued to do so because I wanted to achieve some tangible results in the end.

The guide is disorganized and lacks logical flow

The workouts are terribly disordered and cluttered. The materials don’t include the much-needed cheat sheets. As such, I found myself tossing back and forth between the many different pages for most of my time. And it is incredibly challenging to find out the next thing to do in a logical sequence.

Additional fees for video demonstrations

Now, coming back to the program’s price and things included, I was shocked to see there were no workout demonstration videos included, even though pictorial demos were there, and they were helpful. I was shocked because it was promised every material would be included in the package.

When inquired, I was told to pay an upgrade fee to get access to the videos. And even more shocking: they charge a recurring fee of $19.99 for some videos. Since videos are vital to following instructions, I chose to upgrade. I wish I had read other Max Workout reviews online that pointed this out and called it a ‘scam.’ I only saw them later.

The pros: Minimal equipment required and cardio exercises

But one thing is for sure that Max Workouts require minimal equipment. You don’t need heavy-duty machines. With dumbbells, a pull-bar, and a barbell, I was able to perform virtually all of the exercises.

Second, most of the exercises were not worth the effort, and the results were not so impressive, but the cardio interval training workouts were good. I believe that the short, high-intensity cardio exercises set at different intervals did make some difference in my weight and shape.

Joining Max Workouts Club

I got back to Max Workouts to check if there are more things to follow to achieve the promised results, and I was told there’s nothing left unless I join the Max Workouts club for $19.99 a month. Thinking there might be some cool and helpful stuff out there, I agreed and got access to some forums and additional exercise demonstration videos.

There weren’t enough members on those forums. And there was little engagement and not enough or valuable posts that would convince me to keep my membership for $19.99 per month. There was no reason why I would maintain my membership after the first month, so I canceled it.

My results

After I was done with the Max Workouts for 90 days, there were no more exercises left. I repeated the workouts for a few more days, but repeating them is so boring it seemed like I was gradually killing myself of boredom and zero fun.

In the end, my overall results were not magnificent. I mean, I did shed a little weight, but there wasn’t any noticeable difference in my shape. While a few of the workouts like cardio exercises were effective, more than 80 percent of the workouts and how they are organized are useless.

Why I would not recommend Max Workouts

why I didn't like Beactive braceAt the outset, I was ambiguous about the program’s effectiveness, but on the face of it, it seemed a good option. But as shared above, you can see that the material is not properly organized.

And following the guide is challenging because you don’t enjoy or have fun doing the workouts. While the exercises did help me a bit, but it took me three months to achieve minimal improvements. Overall, my experience was not good. I would not recommend this product to anyone because it is not worth your money.

Even though it required minimal equipment to do the exercises, the product did not help me achieve my fitness goals—no significant difference in my weight and zero difference in my physique.

And once the exercises ended, I started growing again. Moreover, the pictorial demonstrations are great, but the additional higher fees for the demonstration videos and workouts club membership are more turn-offs for this program.

You can read other review for shin ohtake’s max workouts program to know about other user’s experiences with the product.

Choose a good alternative

If you came here looking for genuine Max Workouts reviews, I would recommend you to save your money instead of choosing Max Workouts or go for a good alternative. The good news is that there are other great workout programs out there that cost substantially lower(cheaper) than Max Workouts.

Max Workout Alternative – Bodyweight Burn System

After having a bad experience with Max Workouts, I did some search online to find a good alternative and came across Bodyweight Burn System, which helped me achieve my fitness goals.

The benefits of Bodyweight Burn

Bodyweight Burn System is excellent for any person wanting to shed weight and get back in shape, no matter if you’re a man or woman. It helped me get rid of fat exponentially, a little more every day with a 21-minutes exercise each day.

Besides cutting weight, I was able to gain more energy and strength with this product. And the good news is that it does not cause much pain and aches. The best thing about this program is that you don’t need to visit the gym, do weight lifting, or use equipment. It works on the formula of using your own body to get fit.

The Bodyweight Burn system overview

Developed by weight loss and bodyweight workout expert Adam Steer, this product keeps the exercises short to help you achieve your fitness goals without experiencing the negative side effects.

According to Steer, you don’t lose weight and get in shape because you typically do exercises for longer periods, which is not beneficial at all but has more downsides. Bodyweight Burn System has been developed based on research findings suggest that keeping your workouts short is more effective when it comes to losing weight and staying fit.

Researches has already found that people who do long, extensive workouts and those who run long distances daily are likely to get fatter gradually. Any prolonged, strenuous activity tends to boost the stress hormone called cortisol, putting your body into a defensive mode.

As such, more stubborn fat starts to accumulate around your midsection, love handles, belly, and low back. Moreover, the stubborn fat is the one that can trigger health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Bodyweight Burn System works based on these findings.

Spend less time exercising, achieve great results

Now, you no longer require to spend hours exercising, as I was doing previously. Back then, I would spend about 50 minutes daily running and doing strenuous exercises like weight lifting for another forty minutes. Now I realize why I was getting fat despite the workouts. The extended strenuous activities were triggering by the body to store even more fat.

There are dozens of other studies that corroborate the fact that strenuous exercises for shorter time are excellent for losing weight and staying healthy.

When I switched to the Bodyweight Burn System, it allowed me to spend more time with my family and focus on my work and, at the same lose weight. But remember that you really have to work out during these 21 minutes. And unlike Max Workout, you would enjoy and have fun in exercising.

Using the Bodyweight 3x Fat-Burn Multiplier Effect (BM3 MultiBurn), I was able to achieve my fitness goals within two months. It comprises of three scientifically substantiated workouts techniques that work holistically to keep you in a weight loss state throughout the day. Thanks to the multiplier effect, the workouts trigger the cellular condition that continuously burns fat and lets you eat your favorite carbs at the same time.

How the system works

The bodyweight burn’s BW3 MultiBurn system operates on three phenomenons: cardio flow, afterburners, and metabolic muscle sessions.

Method 1: Cardio flow

A modern twist to the conventional, the cardio flow expedites fat burning by managing the body’s cortisol levels instead of forcing you to go for long runs. It comprises many different logically organized bodyweight workouts that are designed to put you in the fat-burning zone. It is an enjoyable way of weight loss.

Method 2: Afterburners

The system includes afterburners that melt fat even 38 hours after the exercises. This wasn’t the case with Max Workout. When you’re done with the short, extensive exercises, your body gets into a mood of restoring and replenishing the fuels you consumed.

At the same time, it starts to eliminate the toxins from your muscle cells and repair damaged muscles. This requires calories, which creates the afterburner effect. As a result, your body will burn fat for many hours after the workout. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Method 3: Metabolic-muscle sessions

Most fat loss programs and solutions fail at the metabolic-muscle sessions level. To make this mechanism work, you have to develop and maintain an ideal level of lean calorie-burning muscle. The bad news is that majority of weight loss solutions entirely neglect this aspect.

The good news is that the Bodyweight Burn System integrates this fitness facet. The idea here is to encourage you to move your muscles, burn more calories, and build stronger and shaped muscles. It helps improve your overall body shape.


BeActive ReviewBodyweight Burn helped me to develop a sleek, athletic, and muscular anatomy within two months. I was also able to lose considerable weight with simple, step-by-step, and enjoyable workouts. It was not boring at all and didn’t seem like a chore. And the best part was that it didn’t take hours every day to exercise.

Also, it is far more affordable than Max Workout and doesn’t include any additional fees. And I wasn’t required to cut down on my favorite foods or starve myself. You can check out the product on their website @ .

Quick update: Margo from the comment section below found coupon code for Bodyweight Burn this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program.(thanks to Margo)

Thanks for reading my max workouts review, hope you for a good day.


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