This is How Stiff and Tight Muscles Result In Back Pain: MY SECRET SOLUTION

WAIT! Have you experiencing pain in your lower and upper back? If yes, How many times you tried to control your leg muscles to return to old condition? The answer is, it is not countable.

Maybe Stiff and tight muscles causes your back pain. One of the main causes of stiffness and tight muscles is Sciatica pain or back pain.

According to, 80% of the United States population(31 million Americans) Have back pain.

If your muscles become stiff or back pain, then you can’t able to do your daily activities as usual.

HI There! My name is Milner, father of two beautiful kids and a happy husband too. Today I will share you how I relieved from back pain permanently(without any high cost$$) and how you can too. So keep reading…

Stiffness in your back result in increased tension in your back muscles. It can take place both of your lower and upper back. There are many common causes that result from muscle tight and stiffness.

Common Causes of Stiff and Tight Back Muscles

Poor Position When Sitting Down

Wrong positions when sitting down is a major factor that causes back pain. It not only cause back pain, but it is also the ideal for muscle tight and stiff. Nowadays researchers say most people spend 8 hours a day sitting down, in often times they sitting down with the wrong posture.

When you sit down in the wrong posture, it creates more side effects for your back like increasing stress on your lumbar spine, strains your back muscles for long term etc…


Trauma is also one of the things which causes muscle tight and stiff. If you have recently got an accident, injured in a football match, fallen down on the ground or any incident which injured you recently then this is ideal for muscle stiffness and back pain.


Your muscle can definitely become tight because of overdoing something again and again or doing a thing repeatedly. There are some common things you would do repeatedly like wearing a heavy backpack bags, lifting heavy objects etc…

So I said you 3 main Causes of Stiff and Tight Back Muscles. Now let’s quickly jump into how to cure them. (read the article completely as I will share you my secret ninja way how I able cure my lower back pain)

How to Relieve From Stiff and Tight Muscles

There are some good exercises which will help you to overcome this problem. One of the exercises is Bow Pose. To perform it lie on the ground flat on your tummy, carefully bend your knees and catch your ankles with your hands strongly. Be like that until you feel good at your shoulders and abs. see the image below for better understanding.

Stiff and Tight Muscles Result In Back Pain?

If you are going to Gym, make sure to do pull downs with pull-down machines. The most gym will have it and it is a good exercise to fix this issue. It also helps you to keep your muscle loose and flexible.

Most of the time you can cure muscle tightness and stiffness at your home by doing massage treatment, good rest, and the use of cold and hot therapy.

Here are some of my tips if you planning to do what I said above:

  • Eat a healthy diet while drinking a lot of fresh water
  • If you do work repeatedly, try to get a short break to rest.
  • Focus on better position or posture when sitting.

My Final Words For You

There is no doubt that stiff and tight muscle can cause back pain. There are many common causes of stiff and tight back muscles as I said above.

To get rid of muscle tightness and stiffness you can do exercises, doing pulldowns, massage treatment, taking a good rest. Regular exercises can easily eliminate the back pain and can keep your muscle more flexible and smooth.

After applying these strategies still if you have back pain then I have a shot and sure solution for you that will kick the back pain out of your body in a couple of days. (MINIMUM 2-3 days, MAXIMUM 7 days).

I am able to cure my sciatica/back pain by drinking a special tea and some solid exercises recommended by Glenn(who is a back pain expert) in his program called Sciatica sos. This is my secret ninja way to cure back pain and its 100% working. I have Written a Review of Glen’s program Sciatica SOS here.

If you suffering from back pain for a long time or short time this will surely help you. Still, if you have any questions let me know in the comments, I will try to respond you within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Have a Bright future.


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