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Our goal at Extreme Health Guides is to help each one of you guys to have a perfect, healthy, and happier life with a better version of yourself.

Who Are We?

We here at EHG thrive to provide you with the best, most up to date and easy walkthroughs, guides, and information of:

  • Overall Health & Wellness of human
  • Pain Related
  • Product Reviews
  • Diet & Nutrition

The content we provide is from experts who are pundits in all of these categories, and they work their socks off to provide you the most accurate and up to date information and update it throughout. Our writers have years of experience in these fields, and you can trust every piece of information given in the content without any hesitation.

Speaking of trust, our team is keen on maintaining your trust and every other reader who visits our website. Everyone in our team works hard every day to present you a clear, logical, and engaging content without fluffing it up. The information in our content is thoroughly reviewed and combined for you to make your decision without any second thought.

If you’re still concerned, every content that we publish, which contains medical information, is thoroughly researched and reviewed by our team of board-certified physicians.

So building your trust is our #1 priority.

Your trust is Our Win!!

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For general inquiries, please shoot us an email at: info@extremehealthguides.com.

For inquiries concerning our content, technical issues, information, etc please shoot us at feedback@extremehealthguides.com.

For inquiries concerning product complaints and returns, please contacts us at customerservice@extremehealthguides.com.

Extreme Health Guide Executive Team

Milner Bradely

Milner Bradley

Co-founder and Editor

Brad is a former fitness coach. These days his job is encouraging and giving tips to those who need them the most at the gym. Even after his mid-40s, he’s still a workhorse. 

He stopped his coaching career after becoming a victim of ‘’neurogenic claudication’’ where he couldn’t cover long distances even while walking and could barely even run.

And even after 3 years, he’s still getting treatment for it, so he decided to give out his information through the internet.

Email Milner: milner@extremehealthguides.com

Juwan Terry

Juwan Terry


Juwan spends most of his day at the gym, but that’s not his job.

He is a personal trainer and has experience over 6 years, he has trained over 150 clients throughout this period, and he’s still going strong. He loves to help the people in need too.

During the pandemic, he helped people by providing food packets and other goods.

Email JUWAN: juwan@extremehealthguides.com

Our Medical Review Team


Shawna Mayert

Medical Doctor, Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

May is a great chef, but she is a Doctor and a great one more than that. Dr. Mayert earned her Medical Degree from the University of Washington-Seattle Campus.

After her training, she worked at Westchester General Hospital in Miami as an orthopedist. After gaining some experience, she returned to her hometown, Seattle, to open her own Orthopedic Clinic.

Email Mayert: mayert@extremehealthguides.com


Amy Lindgren, SR.

Our Back Pain Author and Doctor

Amy received her B.S for graduating in Multidisciplinary approach to pain management and musculoskeletal care in 2003 from Otago University in New Zealand and attended Massey University and received her degree in 2008.

After completing her training, she moved to the USA in 2014 and worked on treating patients in a clinic and later went on to work at some hospitals around Ohio.

Now she’s an expert orthopedic doctor and a great mother who loves to spend time with her children.

Email Amy: Amy@extremehealthguides.com

Delta Purdy

Delta Purdy

Medical journalist

Purdy is a freelance journalist and a medical student who works like no other in this team. He’s always in search of new and reliable information for your readers.

He earned his degree in clinical medicine at the University of Montreal, and now he’s on his way to becoming a journalist after securing his degree in medical journalism.

Email Purdy: Delta@extremehealthguides.com

Our Marketing Team


Hollie Hilpert

Marketing Director

Hollie has loads of experience in the keto diet. It has helped her more than once in her life as it helped her become the perfect woman she always wanted.

These days she helps others who are struggling with being overweight with her Instagram page, where she posts tips on the keto diet consistently and responding to DMs almost every time.

Email Hollie: Hollie@extremehealthguides.com


Corene Oberbrunner

Social Media Manager

Obi is our foremost social media man. Whenever you buzz him, he’s there for you, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. He will never pass his day without tweeting a single tweet. That’s the reason we chose him as our social media manager.

He teaches soccer for children for free, and whenever he’s free, he attends balance yoga and wellness in New Rochelle four days a week.

Email Corene: Corene@extremehealthguides.com


Holden Heller

Content Editor

Heller has an extreme passion for fitness, and she is a dancing enthusiast and teaches Zumba dance at her place every week.

Heller became a vegan a few years ago for some reason, and she’s continuing it and always mentions that she’s been healthier and stronger ever since.

Email Heller: Heller@extremehealthguides.com


Wilfried Waelchi

Graphic Designer and Video Editor

Wilfried has been a personal trainer for the past decade and has helped change many people’s fitness goals with his experience and expertise.

But you guys might think, how’s he a graphic designer then? Before becoming a personal trainer, Wilfried was a bachelor in graphics design. He received his degree at Boston University.

Email Wilfried: Wilfried@extremehealthguides.com

Our Writers


Rashid Rafi

Main Writer

Rashid is a fitness enthusiast and a basketball coach for a school in Newark.

Even Though he’s a coach, he spends his time researching, proofreading, and writing, all of a sudden, it became his profession, and now he’s a key part of our team.

Email Rashid: Rashid@extremehealthguides.com


Darrel Metz


Now a little information about me, I’m a runner and have taken part in many famous marathon competitions for the last couple of years.

After a fatal knee injury, I couldn’t continue my hobby, and now I train and motivate the runners who take part in marathons.

Email Darrel: Darrel@extremehealthguides.com

And Also, “This website contains user-generated content.” We bring other expertise to teach you.

What the Readers Think of Us?

“Extreme health guides turned out so helpful when I had some questions related to the product Erase My Back Pain. These guys answered every question and doubted I threw at them, and they were so friendly in answering and explaining the product too. It was a Great help guys, Much appreciated’’.


“Whenever I land on this website, I know I’ll get what I came for, there’s every bit of info I have to know, and everything seems pretty easy to read and understand, every info they’ve mentioned is pretty accurate too until now’’.


Extreme Health Guides Team Philosophy and Mission

As I said before, our goal is to provide you with extreme information about every health-related services, needs, products, and providing content that is super understandable and easy to get through. Our top priorities are building your trust, providing top-notch content, and making every decision you make easier than ever.

Helping You To Improve Your Health. Health isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless.

“Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and we welcome hearing from you.”

Extreme Health Guides Head Office

Mailing Address:

 422 Vandalia St Las Vegas, NV 89106



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