9 Best Diabetic Boots With Steel Toes for Men & Women (2024)

Last Updated on April, 2024

Since most diabetics have a heavy impact on their feet, it is crucial to ensure proper protection and support to keep those feet from harm’s way. In that sense, diabetes can take a toll on you if it constantly worries you about every move you make.

Don’t want diabetes to hold you back from work and other recreational activities? Well, then, wearing diabetic work boots is the solution. Specially crafted to withstand rough settings, these boots will take good care of your feet.

This review summarizes nine diabetic boots that we found worthy of being a part of our top best diabetic boots article.

Editor’s Choice
Orthofeet Rangers (Men)
Arch support







Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Orthofeet Milano (Women)
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#3rd Best Choice
Apex Men’s Biomechanical
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Top 9 Best Diabetic Boots for Steel Toes, Hiking and Snow

1. Orthofeet Rangers Non-Slip Orthotic Boots (Best for Men)

The primary purpose of any footwear should be to deliver comfort and support to your feet over style.

Diabetic feet especially need all the comfort and support footwear can provide. Of late, there are so many options in modern diabetic footwear that offer supreme comfort and complete protection without compromising style.

Keeping that in mind, we present the highly recommended Orthofeet Ranger as our top pick for this list.

Two crucial questions would have popped up in your mind by now. First, why orthofeet? And second, why orthofeet Ranger, right? 

Well, we picked Orthofeet because of its outstanding reputation and years-long industry experience delivering only the best. Most importantly, many podiatrists swear by Orthofeet based on proven results.

Number two: Why is the Orthofeet Ranger the best work boots for men? To answer this, I have some convincing to do. You decide if my convincing justifies why it made it to the top of our list. 

Many key features of the Ranger work together through the innovative ortho-cushion system to ease back pain. The featured premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support and arch booster prevent the feet from rolling inwards. This, in turn, re-aligns the foot, leg and back posture. 

The cushioning soles with a mild rocker absorb impacts to prevent the pressure from radiating onto the lower back. This softens your steps and eases your walking.

And the firm heel counter works with the wide soles to stabilize the footing by reducing the occurrence of overpronation. All three of these features come together to deliver a combined effect, enhancing comfort and alleviating pain. 

The Ranger’s soft, padded interior fabric has no overlays, and the soft leather upper offers a non-binding fit. This eliminates skin irritation and provides superior protection for your sensitive feet. 

The wide toe box comfortably accommodates toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes while alleviating the pressure of swollen feet. 

The Ranger diabetic boots feature an ergonomic rubber outsole that provides an advanced grip and excellent stability.

Apart from the great features mentioned above, this boot has a stylish design. Based on my sense of fashion, I’d rate it 10/10. And these boots feature a zipper at the back for easy access so that you don’t have tie laces.

The deal breaker is that Orthofeet offers a 60-day comfort guarantee. This in itself speaks volumes about the impressive capabilities of these boots. Did I justify our choice and convince you yet?

Key Features:

  • Premium orthotic insoles re-align the foot and entire body posture to relieve foot and heel pain
  • Wide toe box provides a roomy environment for the toes to spread out, especially feet with toe deformities
  • Soft leather upper and soft, padded interior fabric protect feet while keeping them irritation free
  • Cushioning sole absorbs external impacts and adds a springy feel to your steps
  • Rubber sole provides advanced grip to ensure better walking stability


  • Exceptionally comfortable and significantly reduces pain
  • Great arch support
  • Removable spacers for a custom fit
  • The return policy lets you experience the comfort and style of the boots 
  • The zipper feature allows a comfortable experience even for braced feet
  • Lightweight


  • The traction is insufficient on aggressive trail hikes

2. Orthofeet Milano Non-slip Orthotic Boots (Best for Women

Of Course, we’ve got our ladies covered on the Orthofeet front too. The Orthofeet Milano boots for women have a super stylish design with a top-quality finish. It gives a fashion decision vibe rather than a diabetic boot vibe. And that’s precisely how Orthofeet wants you to feel too. So that you can enjoy the latest trends while tending to your diabetic foot issues and needs.

The Orthofeet Milano boots offer almost all of the features the Orthofeet Ranger has because we wouldn’t possibly want our ladies to feel left out in any aspect. The premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support and arch booster re-adjust the alignment of your foot and entire body posture. This re-adjustment reduces mobility issues and alleviates pain in your feet, heel, legs and back.

The cushioning sole with a mild rocker evenly distributes the pressure on the feet. This stabilizes your steps and improves your walking. The wide toe box allows more room for your swollen feet, hammer toes and/or bunions to relax comfortably without any restrictions.

The interior is constructed without any overlays and is surrounded by a soft, padded fabric. This prevents skin irritation and keeps your feet comfortably protected. Made of waterproof materials contributes to durability while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. 

The rubber sole provides excellent grip and enhanced stability, allowing you to walk on slick and aggressive surfaces. And the classic style lace closure adds to the beauty and convenience while giving a comfort fit. 

Key Features:

  • The premium orthotic insoles help relieve foot and heel pain by aligning the body posture
  • The cushioning sole takes the pressure off your feet to add spring to your steps
  • The wide toe box comfortably houses toe deformities by alleviating pressure
  • The soft padded fabric interior keeps your feet warm and protected
  • The rubber sole provides a reliable grip to allow effective movement on various surfaces
  • The waterproof upper made of soft leather contributes to durability and comfort


  • Sturdy and good looking
  • Waterproof upper
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Snuggle fit at the ankles supports it and keeps it from slipping around
  • Super pain reliever- allows pain-free long time to wear 
  • Great arch support


  • The light fabric on the upper may not protect your feet from falling objects

3. Apex Men’s Biomechanical Triple-Strap Work Boot

The Apex men’s work boots include a footbed with Apex conform foam and EVA midsole.

This ensures flexible fitting, stress distribution and protection from external impacts while keeping your feet comfortable. 

It integrates a ½” removable hidden depth to accommodate a custom fit.

The moisture-wicking polyester and antimicrobial mesh lining of the interior eliminates sweat and moisture to prevent microbial growth and keep your feet warm and dry. 

The outsole made of polyurethane allows good bendability supporting great wear and tear resistance. It is also good at shock absorption. Reinforced with a firm heel counter and smart grip greatly contributes to a stable footing.

The high, wide toe box makes space for your swollen feet, hammertoes and bunions and allows it to relax by relieving stress. And the double barrel padded collar with a pull heel tab supports your ankle to prevent it from rotating and allows easy slide-in.

The full-grain leather uppers and leather lining add to style and durability.

Key Features:

  • Biomechanical footbed with conform foam and EVA midsole provides firm arch support, cushioning and shock absorption
  • Outsole with heel counter and grip allows optimal rear foot control
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial qualities make sure your feet stay dry
  • Wide toe box for your toes to feel comfortable and at ease
  • Customization through the removable insole and adjustable EVA midsole allows a comfortable and custom fit
  • The triple strap and padded collar add to convenience and protection


  • Improves balance and stability issues
  • Supreme comfort and support, especially in the ankle area
  • Accommodates custom orthotics 
  • Adjustable straps allow easy securing
  • Great protection even on cold days


  • Not available in narrow width
  • A bit pricey

4. LARNMERN Steel Toe Safety Boots

The Lamern steel-toed work boots are available in several color combinations and sizes. These safety boots are crafted from high-quality, durable materials, making them perfect for demanding work environments. These wonderful boots offer some wonderful features.

The insole built with arch support has moisture-wicking features. The insole absorbs shocks, keeps your feet protected from external pressures and provides comfort through cushioning.

The moisture-wicking feature prevents the retention of sweat and moisture from keeping feet dry and clean. Both these features facilitate a stable and comfortable fit.

Made out of leather, TPU and mesh, these diabetic work boots are lightweight to ease the burden of work. The semi-nested windproof shoe tongue keeps sand, dust and rain from entering the shoes.

Meeting the American standard ASTM F2413-18, these diabetic work boots feature a steel toe cap and an anti-puncture midsole. These features protect your feet from workplace dangers like falling objects and sharp objects.

These work boots utilize a rubber sole that is SRC slip, oil and abrasion resistant. This outsole supports slippery surfaces so that you can work confidently while preventing possible falls.

These boots have more safety features like anti-static wires and reflective strips. The anti-static strips on the insole prevent static electricity, and reflective strips on the upper are helpful during nighttime walking or working.

Style-wise? Definitely worth adding to your wardrobe. 

Key Features:

  • Anti-smashing and puncture-proof to keep your feet protected from injuries
  • Slip-resistant and oil resistant to conveniently work on various surfaces, including slippery surfaces
  • Static dissipative and reflective strips to protect from static electricity and aid in dark work conditions respectively
  • Moisture wicking and shock absorbing to even out pressure, alleviate pain and keep feet comfortable
  • The use of high-quality materials ensures durability


  • Rugged quality boots
  • Lightweight 
  • Super comfortable
  • Well-built toe support


  • Less cushioning, so it may require additional inserts for some wearers
  • Lower resistance to water
  • Not waterproof

5. Skechers Men’s Burgin-Tarlac Boot

The Burgin Tarlac work boots by sketchers come with an air-cooled memory foam insole that gives cushioned comfort and syncs with your footsteps. 

It features ASTM standard steel toes to protect toes from workplace injuries and an electrical hazard-rated upper that protects against electricity mishaps. And the puncture-resistant insoles add extra protection if mistakenly stepped on nails or other sharp objects.

These diabetic work boots are made of a durable leather upper and have an ankle-height lace-up design with a foam padded collar giving support and protection to your ankles.

Key Features:

  • Safety steel toes and electrical hazard-rated standards ensure protection against workplace accidents affecting your feet
  • Memory foam insoles provide cushioning for comfort
  • Puncture-resistant insoles add protection


  • Well constructed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great memory foam allows comfortable wear for a long time


  • The insufficient grip on water and slippery surfaces
  • No wide toe box to house toe deformities
  • A bit heavy

6. ORISTACO Work Safety Steel Toe Boots

The Oristaco safety steel-toed work boots are a perfect fashion addition based on their stylish exterior design. 

While the steel toes offer protection against impacts and compressions, the puncture-resistant sole provides protection against nails, screws and other sharp objects. Together they keep your feet safe from environmental and workplace hazards.

Crafted using a mixture of wicking and breathable materials, these diabetic boots have protective and abrasion-resistant uppers. These work boots incorporate a great welt construction that perfectly attaches the insole, sole, welt and upper. This provides reliable support and comfort while keeping the shoes robust.

Perfect for many work scenarios like agriculture, landscaping, ranching, fishing and construction. And are widely used by engineers, plumbers, loggers, employees, concrete workers and delivery drivers.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic knitting upper and mesh exterior adds comfort, maintain the durability and allow breathability 
  • Anti-smashing steel toe protects toes yet keeps the boots lightweight
  • Puncture-proof quality adds to cushioning and prevents injuries from workplace hazards
  • Memory foam insole delivers comfort and cushioning while reducing the fatigue of the feet
  • A supportive heel allows optimized heel movement while maintaining stability
  • The slip-resistant rubber sole adds comfort and flexibility


  • Super comfortable
  • Great durability
  • Steel-toed work boots that maintain lightweight
  • Good arch support
  • Has an edgy, sporty look
  • Allows wiggle room for toes


  • Sole wears out pretty fast
  • Does get a bit slippery on slick and wet surfaces

7. Timberland PRO Soft Toe Insulated Waterproof Work Boot

The Timberland pro is made with rebolt materials and waterproof leather. These work boots even feature a sealed seam to make them completely waterproof. 

These diabetic work boots feature an anti-fatigue technology system supported by the polyurethane footbed. This facilitates a comfort system by absorbing shock and returning energy back to the feet delivering all-day support and comfort. The addition of a contoured shock diffusion plate ensures structural stability. And any external impact stress is evenly dissipated without affecting the feet. 

These diabetic boots combine a breathable and moisture-wicking lining with antimicrobial treatment.

This prevents the retention of sweat and moisture to ensure your feet stay dry and warm without any microbial growth. By keeping moisture away, it supports odor control. The integrated insulation lining retains heat to comfort your feet in low temperatures. And more comfort is added through the padded top collar that keeps your ankles safe.

The outsole of these diabetic work boots is timberland pro tough rubber sole that is heat, oil, slip and abrasion resistant. Featuring a non-marking texture, these outsoles stabilize movement with an excellent grip. 

Meeting ASTM-rated electrical hazards protection standards, these work boots are built to protect feet from live electrical circuits, electrically energized conductors, parts or apparatus. 

Constructed through a direct injection process contributes to durability that allows long-term wear.

Key Features:

  • The use of Rebolt material (50% recycled PET) makes it an eco-friendly option
  • Anti-fatigue technology offers support and comfort through shock absorption
  • Timberland Pro rubber outsoles offer resistance on various surface types
  • Electrical hazard protection keeps your feet safe from potential electric mishaps
  • Antimicrobial odor control keeps away the odor-building microbes
  • Inner insulation keeps feet warm at lower temperatures
  • 30-day comfort guarantee on all the features backed with a full purchase price refund 


  • Super comfortable
  • Waterproof, reinforced uppers and inner insulation make it a great option, especially in winter
  • Stylish and durable
  • Excellent grip


  • A bit heavy 
  • Not available in narrow sizes

8. Dr Comfort Men’s Ranger Hiking Boots

The Dr Comfort ranger are therapeutic diabetic boots for men. Made out of a breathable leather exterior, the uppers of the boots regulate heat transmission to keep your feet cool and dry. 

The hardened toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing. The hook and loop closure with elastic laces allows different levels of adjustability to ensure comfort, support and custom fit.

Perfect for diabetes and ankle instabilities, these boots feature a padded heel and shoe tongue that keeps your foot super comfortable.

Designed with extra depth, these diabetic boots facilitate custom orthotics to add more comfort and arch support.

The shock absorbent footbed with gel inserts, the extra depth and widths, the firm shank piece and the seamless interior offer maximum comfort and support for various health concerns including diabetes, hammertoes, bunions, plantar fasciitis, swelling and arthritis.

Key Features:

  • Removable insoles allow a custom fit and adjustable comfort
  • The protective toe box safeguards toes from injuries
  • Quality leather uppers regulate heat to keep the interior dry
  • Elastic lace and contact closure enhance convenience, comfort and fit
  • Extra-depth addresses various foot problems


  • Excellent comfort
  • Very easy to wear
  • Sturdy build
  • Less break-in time
  • Houses custom orthotics
  • Lightweight


  • The elastic easily frays and snaps
  • Not very attractive
  • No insulation

9. Propét Men’s Shield Walker Construction Boot

The Propet men’s work boots are crafted from 100% leather with a waterproof finish

The insoles of these work boots integrate breathable open-cell PU. This PU moves moisture and sweat from the foot to aid a cool and healthy footbed, keeping your feet healthy.

The outsole combines a lightweight EVA midsole with a high-traction rubber base that enhances comfort and allows efficient movement on rugged terrains.

The rigid heel counter and the removable footbed feature provide optimal support in footing and custom fit to enhance breathability.

The safety composite toe feature of these diabetic work boots are ASTM tested and approved. It keeps your toes secure against unexpected injuries.

Key Features:

  • The upper and exterior are waterproof full-grain leather with a composite toe for safety, support and durability. 
  • The insole combines breathable materials to ensure the interior is kept dry. 
  • The outsole with high traction is cushioned and lightweight for comfort and rugged surface use.
  • Ankle-high and speed lacing closure adds to protection and convenience.


  • Very comfortable
  • Accommodates custom orthotics
  • Affordable pricing
  • Looks nice and rugged


  • Slippery on slick surfaces
  • Insufficient arch support
  • Laces could be more durable

Why Do You Need Special Diabetic Footwear When Working, Hiking, or Walking in the Snow?

a human wearing a boot

Not all diabetics need diabetic footwear. Diabetic footwear is recommended to patients with diabetes based on the condition of your blood circulation and its effect on your feet and overall health. Many diabetics with neuropathy need special footwear to comfort and protect their feet.

That said, it is always a good idea to wear special diabetic footwear if you have diabetes. Simply because diabetes footwear is built to provide comfort and protection to your feet.

And all feet, diabetic and non-diabetic, deserve this comfort and protection. Wearing diabetic footwear will ensure protection against further damage to your feet while keeping them healthy. 

Wearing diabetic work boots, snow boots, or hiking boots goes one step further to ensure your feet are surrounded by all the necessary safeguards to keep them secure in rough conditions like heavy work environments, low temperatures and aggressive terrains.

Key Features of Diabetic Footwear Suitable for Various Activities

The following list of features are included in typical works boots made for diabetic feet;

  • Steel toe cap– A common feature in safety footwear to protect toes from foot injuries. Ideal for heavy industries and construction sites.
  • Deep and wide toe boxes– To avoid your toes cramping together. 
  • Tough rubber outsole with slip resistance– To absorb shocks and facilitate a better grip.
  • Puncture-proof midsole– To protect your feet and add comfort.
  • Breathable fabric with antimicrobial and moisture wicking– To keep your shoes aired so that sweat or moisture is eliminated.
  • Soft, padded and cushioned insole with arch support– To provide comfort and stabilize your movement.
  • Durable exterior– To support hard use and provide extra protection.
  • Water resistant/ waterproof quality– Allows use in snow and water surroundings.

Things to Consider When Buying Diabetic Boots

Diabetic Boots on the ground

It is essential to ensure that the diabetic work boots you choose can effectively satisfy the custom needs of your foot. Considering the following features will help your figure that out.

Interior and Comfort

A seamless interior lined with soft fabric will prevent the risk of friction that can cause bruising. And the use of breathable materials will ensure fresh air flow to the interior dry and odor free. 

A soft insole with generous padding and/or foam will ensure your feet stay comfortable and warm. 

Fit & Adjustability

A removable footbed or extra depth feature will accommodate custom orthotics or inserts for a customized fit. At the same time, easy closure methods like hook and loop, elastic laces and zippers will provide a convenient and adjustable fit. 


The use of high-quality materials is important in diabetic boots. Besides adding to durability, the material should be able to conform to your foot while allowing breathability. Full-grain leather, certain synthetics and textiles are reliable options.

Other Features

Additional features worth considering in diabetic boots include slip-resistant outsoles, roomy toe boxes, and safety steel toes. These features provide added protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetic footwear is different in that it offers additional features such as steel toes, wide toe box, and extra cushioning to reduce the risk of injuries and lacerations, and improve the quality of life for diabetic patients with swollen and sensitive feet.

Diabetic boots provide support, comfort, and protection for diabetic feet, while orthopedic boots support the mechanics and structure of the foot, ankle, and leg and address a wider range of foot issues.

Wearing steel-toe boots can be beneficial for diabetic feet as they provide protection against sharp and falling objects, preventing injuries. However, it’s important to ensure a proper fit and comfort to avoid foot pain and chafing of toes against the inner surface by trying them on first.

Specialized footwear is not necessarily recommended for all diabetics, but it can provide extra comfort and protection.

Boots are not inherently bad for diabetics, as long as they offer the necessary features to address foot problems associated with diabetes.


Ideally, the right shoes for diabetes should support blood flow and provide arch support, comfort, and protection while relieving foot pain.

And if we are to recommend the best diabetic work boots that will efficiently and effectively satisfy these key requirements, it would definitely be the Orthofeet Ranger for men and the Orthofeet Milano for women. These magical shoes work wonders at achieving their function.

Regardless of which boots you pick, we hope this review provides you with the guidance to make a well-informed decision. 

Orthofeet Rangers
Arch support
Toe box







Overall Score


visa, master, amex & paypal logos
Exceptionally comfortable and significantly reduces pain
Great arch support
Removable spacers for a custom fit
The return policy lets you experience the comfort and style of the boots
The zipper feature allows a comfortable experience even for braced feet
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of April
The traction is insufficient on aggressive trail hikes

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