Erase my back pain review: Is It Really Effective For Back Pain?

Last Updated on April, 2024

In this Erase My Back Pain (also known as Back To Life) Review, you’ll get all the information you need about this program and will let you know whether this program Erase My Back Pain is worth buying.

Hi! I’m Jeffrey and I’m 27; I’ve been struggling with back pain ever since I was 24 and have done acupuncture, naturopathy, and aromatherapy. I’ve almost done everything except a surgery to relieve this nuisance but nothing worked. All these years, I’ve been lost due to the pain. I failed to appear at my best friend’s wedding and rarely enjoyed my holidays for all these three years. 

So there is a lot I need to share with you guys about Erase My Back Pain, so if you’re here for some sweet information about the program, I think you’re in for a treat. 

So without further ado, let’s dive in… 

What is Erase My Back Pain?

Erase My Back Pain is a complete and 100% safe program that will help you to get rid of your frustrating back pain by providing tips, techniques, daily workouts, and easy-to-do exercises that’ll help you to do so and change your life forever. 

This program will get you to the finish line without causing you any side effects and is suitable for almost everyone. 

All you have to do is spend just 10 to 15 minutes each day on workouts and stretches provided by the program, which is very effective and extremely easy to follow. (1)

Erase My Back Pain not only helps you alleviate back pain, but it also helps you tone the abs in your body, improve your postures, and helps you have overall good health as well. 

The program gets rid of almost each and every type of back pain, chronic back pain, Mid back pain, Lumbar pain, sciatica, you name it, and has a solution for almost everything. 

The most important thing about this program is that you don’t need any medications, painkillers, supplements, and pills to see results; everything is presented in a natural way.

Emily Lark The Creator Of Erase My Back Pain

emily lark
Emily Lark

Emily Lark is the Creator of Erase My Back Pain online Program.

Emily is a certified health and fitness coach and an expert in Yoga and Pilates and has been conducting classes since 2004. She is well known for her teaching style and unique techniques; in 2014, she opened her own fitness studio, where she offers various fitness programs.

At the age of 12, Emily survived a car accident and was severely injured in the back, which later led to back pain. After receiving several treatments, there were no improvements, and finally, doctors suggested surgery, but she neglected it and started looking for other ways to get rid of it. 

And this is where Emily Lark developed this 10-mins workout routine and got rid of it herself.

How Does Erase My Back Pain Program Work?

Back to life

Emily Lark’s Erase My Back Pain focuses on treating the lower back, neck, and upper back with simple 10-mins stretching that you should do every day. These exercises will unlock and eliminate the stiffness in these areas and will allow you to break the pain barrier seamlessly. 

But this is more than a stretch program; instead of just workouts and stretching, Emily has 

included a lot of information on lifestyle changes and foods that can lower the excessive pain and has suggested following those if you want a quick and effective back pain relief. 

She’ll also talk about natural herbs and their effectiveness when it comes to relieving pain. 

Erase My Back Pain is entirely based on scientifically proven methods that help to polish your back while improving every part of your body and at the same time toning and enhancing your muscles. It boosts the energy levels too. 

The 10-mins workout also refines the oxygen and blood circulation, which allows every part of your body to have the nutrients they need in order to function properly.

All this information, including instructions to improve body balances, posture, will be discussed and explained even further in the simplest way possible by Emily in the three video series. 

What’s Included With Erase My Back Pain?

Erase My Back Pain is no short of content; from how to execute the stretches and exercises to what herbs you should take to relieve back pain, you get everything. 

After the payment, you’ll instantly receive the materials of the program so you can get going right away.

You’ll be getting a Manual Handbook, Step-by-step Video Guides, and a Checklist e-book. 

The manual handbook details everything you need before starting the Erase My Back Pain Program. This also covers the 3 common mistakes that people make, which later leads to back pain. 

This book also suggests How a back pain patient should move and sit.

Basically, this book is an introduction to this program and will guide you through everything that you need to know about the program Erase My Back Pain. 

Step-by-step Video Guides will provide a series of stretches and workouts you need to do, Erase My Back Pain Program will also explain how to do them perfectly.

The Checklist e-book helps you track your daily progress, make sure to keep an eye on it because it will help you track and keep data of the stretches you’ve been doing and what you should do in order to get relief from back pain. 

Now that’s a lot of content right there, But there’s even more. You will be getting 2 bonus books:

  • Bedtime Back Relief Back2Life Yoga video: The book is really great and will help you to cure body pain by performing remedial workouts and stretches. 
  • Back2Life Guided Meditation Audio series: the audio series is prepared by Emily Lark herself using her experience and contains some great exercises that release stress and pain. 

These 2 bonuses will also help you boost your energy level too.

Pros and Cons Of Erase My Back Pain Program

Below are some Pros and Cons that you can expect from Erase My Back Pain.

  • This program uses only natural ways to relieve back pain.
  • Erase My Back Pain Program does not need any medications or gym memberships in order to see results.
  • Erase My Back Pain provides better oxygen and blood circulation.
  • Erase My Back Pain Program is less time-consuming (it takes only 10mins per day).
  • Exercises in the program are very easy, and you won’t be needing any supervision.
  • Erase My Back Pain helps alleviate back pain and improve all body muscles, movement, postures, and joints.
  • You Don’t need any equipment, just a yoga mat and a small area to do the exercises. 
    Workouts in this program will also help you to Burn Fat.
  • Even after you get rid of your back pain, you can still continue the exercises.
  • After the purchase, if the program gets any updates, you’ll get it too. 
  • Customer support is bad; only email support is available, and it can take quite a bit of time for them to reply.
  • You will need an active internet connection to access the program. 

Erase My Back Pain Program Explained

Each and every exercise added to Erase My Back Pain Program Targets all kinds of body pains and different chronic back pain: inflammatory pain, sciatica, arthritis, cross syndrome pain. So this is the main reason to try Erase My Back Pain because no one ever knows how this back pain occurs, it might be due to bad posture, stress, who knows, but this program has a solution for everything related to pain. 

Everyone who is suffering from back pain has a different pain tolerance level, and basically, no one will ever estimate the pain of someone with back pain accurately. Even some doctors fail to do so. But Emily Lark’s experience knows this. 

And that is how she has exactly made this program. Emily Lark has divided Erase My Back Pain Program into three different levels, each of which targets different pain levels, the severity of the pain, and the occurrence of the pain.


This level is full of basic stretching and workouts, which will help you to adapt your body for the upcoming exercises. You don’t need any prior experience to pull these off; it’s basically a level for anyone who has never done any workout or exercises in the past. 

But this does not mean that anyone with prior experience of doing workouts and exercises can skip this level because if you want results, you need to follow each and every tasks that is available in the program. This also helps to adapt your body to these exercises.

Also, you just need a chair, sofa, or bench to complete the workout, and no equipment is needed.

LEVEL 02 & 03

This is where it gets a bit advanced; you will need a yoga mat to complete all the exercises in these levels; the level focuses on stretching, breathing exercises, and muscle building. If you want these exercises to be easy, you have to complete the LEVEL 01 exercises without skipping them. Also, all the workouts that are available in levels two and three will provide results even faster. 

This is where you can start to get some relief from the pain and gain some other benefits to your body too. 

According to Customer reviews from Erase My Back Pain Website,most of the people who engaged in these exercises and completed all the levels have seen positive results within weeks. 

Are There Any Side Effects With This Erase My Back Pain Program?

As I said before, Erase My Back Pain Program only uses natural ways and does not contain any risk, and is 100% safe. 

If you’re concerned about side effects when following the program, don’t be, I guarantee you, because this program does not let you take any medication, painkillers, supplements, or products to get rid of back pain, anything like that. (2)

The program just lets you focus on well-crafted simple exercises with step-by-step guides on how to execute them flawlessly without leading to any mistakes.

Who Should Not USE Erase My Back Pain?

A pregnant women

Erase My Back Pain Program is suitable for anyone.

But commitment and consistency are vital if you expect to see results; if you are not ready to engage in the exercises and do it regularly, you might find it difficult to see results.

If you buy this program expecting to work within a day or two, forget it. Erase My Back Pain is crafted through natural healing in mind, so it will almost take some weeks to show improvements in your back.

So if you’re not ready to invest some time, then I suggest that you can save your money and look for other products. 

Pregnant mothers are advised to consult their health care providers before using the program.

Where To Buy Erase My Back Pain?

Erase My Back Pain is only available for purchase through their official website; you can purchase the program from there directly.

The Erase My Back Pain program usually costs $99.95, but for your luck now, it’s just $37 and for a limited time. 

If you’re to purchase Erase My Back Pain, there are two options for you to choose from:

  • Digital Form (you’ll be able to use it on any device anytime, anywhere)
  • Physical Copy plus Digital Copy.

Once paid, you’ll be given instant access to the Erase My Back Pain Program (physical copy needs to be shipped to your location) and will be able to download all the videos right away. 

You’ll also receive the free bonuses mentioned above right after the purchase too. 

Is There Any Refund Policy?


Emily Lark’s Erase My Back Pain Program offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee to all customers.

This is why the Erase My Back Pain program is excellent, it provides 100% risk-free investment to the customers, so If you’re not satisfied or failed to see any results, you can return the program back, No questions asked. 


Chronic back pain, or any type of back pain for that matter, is something everyone struggles with these days, from children to adults, has this issue. However, nowadays, there is so much that you can do to get rid of the pain, like taking pain killers, expensive medications, and a lot more.

Each of which has its own problem: the use of over-the-counter painkillers can lead to severe side effects, and medications can lead to spending loads of money in order to relieve the pain, but they are not guaranteed to be long-term. 

If you’re finding it hard in your day-to-day activities with the pain, then it’s time to take action.

And you can try Erase My Back Pain which is far less expensive, and you even get a 60-day money-back guarantee too, so you can try out the program before making any other decisions because I’m pretty sure it has the solution for your back pain. 

Anyways, I hope this Erase My Back Pain Review helped you get the information you needed.

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