My Back Pain Coach Review: My Opinions So Far…

Have you been suffering from Lower back pain for a long time? Is back pain ruining your daily life activities? Then you need the Solution for back pain that is My Back Pain Coach by Ian Hart. This is the complete in-depth My back pain coach review in 2019 and I will share my results using this program, So keep reading…

Hi there! My name is Milner and I am a father of two beautiful Kids and happy husband too. I am working in a School as a computer tech who records all the document on the computer. 

I love to play badminton with my daughters and to hang out with my family. I think a year ago I had a back injury which ruined my life.

My job is to work with a computer for a long time, keeping my back without moving in the same place. One day The school director said to me to keep a book box into the book’s room. Then I lifted the box, suddenly My back caused by severe pain. (Man the pain is HORRIBLE!..)

Immediately I screamed for help, luckily our Director came. Then they took me to the nearest hospital. When I opened my eyes, I saw my wife and the Doctor. He is saying to my wife that I should take disc replacement and to have a Surgery.

It cost thousands of dollars and I can’t afford it. Luckily soon I took some Painkillers and returned to the home with my wife. Then we started to discuss what we are going to do…

The next day I received a call from my director that I have to rest for 3 days and he recommended me to go to a Chiropractor. Me and my wife hurried to the chiropractor and he said the same as the doctor said before.

Then sadly came home with that pain in my back, suddenly my daughter asked me to play badminton with her. I said, “not today honey, maybe tomorrow we will play“. She ran to her bed crying.;(

I had nothing to do with my back. The only thing I have is to take surgery. Then I went online to find help.

I searched in google for more than a day on how to cure the back pain and sciatica. Then I landed in a forum where people like me who suffer from back pain shared their thoughts on back pain. In that forum, they’re mainly talking about the program by Ian Hart.

I asked about it in the forum, a lady sent me this link and said this is a good online program to cure back pain completely without wasting thousands of dollars.

Then I bought the program, the step by step system made me understand the training easily. Now I am free of back pain. Thank you for Ian hart to an awesome program which cured my sciatica/back pain completely.

Now I am able to play with my kids, used to roam around with my family and happily doing my work in the school.

What Is My Back Pain Coach?

It’s an online program which teaches you how to cure back pain completely without any additional investment. This can cure your back pain in 16 minutes by doing eight movements. The author of this program is Ian Hart who himself experienced the back pain and cured it permanently.

It is good to use a program from a man who himself experienced the pains and struggles and got relieved. He has already helped thousands of people to relieve from back pain.

When you follow the instructions given by Ian hart correctly, your body will release an array of biomolecule which will cure the back pain forever and there is no way for back pain still remains.

If you are struggling from back pain for years then I strongly suggest you try this program, even if you 50 years old this will work for everyone.

What’s Included in With the Program?

This gives you a set of instructional videos which teaches you the movements easily and the videos are very easy to understand. When you play the video you will see the 8 moves being demonstrated. This easy workout is the super ninja trick Ian uses to erase the back pain away for forever.

These videos can be instantly accessible in your computer or smartphone and you can watch the video for an unlimited amount of time.

You can do these movements anywhere at any place, but you need a place where you can lie down. Most of you will have an exercise room like me and it is a great place.

exercise room

You will also need a pillow or towel to place under your head and the other thing you need is a chair.

The video will guide you the whole process about getting started and what you need in a chronicle order so don’t worry. You will also receive diagrams which will illustrate the movements more very clearly. If you want you can print those diagrams.

The next thing you will get is “9 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions for Back Pain Relief” this video will explain how this program works and why it’s so life-changing for most of the people. You will love to watch these videos I am sure because I loved these video series.

The other GEM you will get is the 1 on 1 coach. Ian gave an email address when I purchased it. I have asked some question via sending a few emails and I got some valuable answer. If you don’t like email then you can call them and talk to a real human with the use of 1-on1 coaching…not a robot lol!

These additional features make the program more valuable. Definitely, this program is worth your money and time, so click here to get the program now with the DISCOUNTED PRICE.


Simply it works great for all. Immediately after purchasing the program, I received the training. (you don’t need to wait for days to get your training) The way Ian Hart organized the program is easy to follow and understand.

There are 8 moves you should do and you will need around 16-18 minutes to complete them. To be honest I took 20 minutes for the first time when I tried. Then the working minutes reduced as I get the experience.

You might be thinking:

“I am a 50 year old fellow, can I do the stretches and the moves?”

Definitely Yes! To be honest with you, I am a 42-year-old man and I am not Flexible at all. I had a hard time doing the stretches for the first time sessions.

Then I started to improve and felt better and better. I did not do the moves 100% accurately as said by Ian. But I improved.

This will remove your doubt that this program is not only designed for young people, this designed for old people as well.

As I said before it took me 20 minutes to complete the full set of moves and I probably not did every move 100% correctly. I tried my best.

While Ian says Immediately after doing the movements we should feel the results. I must say that My back was improved better than before and my pain dramatically went down.

But my back still had pain and I also didn’t stop or give up.

Day #3 of My Back Pain Coach

I planned to do the stretches that are taught by Ian  for months because I felt  better and I see lots of improvement by doing the movements

After finishing my 3rd workout, an impossible thing happened.

About 25 minutes after my back felt like a newly installed back. BUT still the pain remained and it is very very less than before.

But for the first time I felt like this, even I went to Doctors, Chiropractors nothing gave a result like this.

You see I got the results on the 3rd day itself and I am not guaranteeing you will also feel the results at the same day, but I can say you will feel the results soon if you follow the program correctly.

You don’t need to waste your money and time on Hospitals, doctors, chiropractor appointments, surgeries etc…

A simple video training program can vanish your back pain forever in a few days without any high costs.

I continued the program and did the moves as it takes only 20 minutes of the time. ( it also a good exercise for our physical body).

Will This Program Work For You?

If you follow the program correctly I am sure you will see results. But you won’t see results right after the first day of doing the stretches, so try and fit to the program for at least 10 days and you will be able to vanish the Sciatica completely.

It’s all about doing the movements and improving your back. So if you need any help make sure to use the one-on-one coaching to get help from Ian or any of his team experts as they are hungry to help you.

Another thing is:

This program is for those who struggling from back pain no matter their age if they are young or old this program will work for all.


I did the movements every day for 12 days and then I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Like I said above, Iam able to cure my back pain permanently in just 3 days. The pain I had for years, Now  I have cured it.

I feel more Confident, satisfied and my back is like a newly installed one without that exhausting pain.

Now I am able to play badminton with my daughter, used to hang out with my family, I can enjoy the parties moreover, I can do my work at school very satisfied.

Now let’s see some goods and bads about the product.


  • The program is very affordable and right after you purchase the program you will receive your one even if it is 2 a.m.
  • My back pain coach is very easy to follow and you can do the movement at your home.
  • The program Recommends 100% physical stretches and exercises, so no need to worry about your health or side effects. (also this is 100% drug-free and surgery-free.)
  • You get two more additional features which make the program more valuable and that is one-on-one coaching, If you need any help you can use this feature.
  • You don’t need any additional cost or types of equipment.
  • The program comes with the 60-day money-back guarantee: so you have nothing to lose or nothing too risky.(the program is definitely worth a try)
  • It is created by a person who himself experienced the back pain and the program is for all age people.

There are lots of pros, you can read all the pros by clicking here


  • You have to pay for the program to purchase. ( I will show you how I got mines cheap so keep reading…)
  • You need a computer or smartphone plus an internet connection to watch the videos.

To be honest, I didn’t find anything bad about it, but I like to tell, you can’t expect immediate results. So definitely stick to the program for at least 10 days doing the movements can make you overcome the pain forever.


Here’s the deal:

When I was going to buy the program, I little dug deep into the internet and landed on this my back pain coach discount page where it contains a coupon for the program. Soon after seeing the coupon just clicked and activated the coupon.

What a bargain: The price reduced, and then I bought the product using my card.

Even if it is more than $100 I would buy it because the program is definitely worth it.

Immediately after a few minutes, I received my program and I am pumped to see what was inside. In that night itself, I watched some videos, turned off my laptop and went to bed because of the work I had the next day at school.


I tried my maximum to write this my back pain coach review and to share my journey. This program is unquestionably worth your time and money.

You don’t want to waste your time and money by going to Doctor and Chiropractors. If you get the program you can cure your back pain in a few days just doing some stretches in your home.

If you feel skeptical about to buy or not, I am saying just try this program for at least 3 days you will be shocked with the improvements and results. If not then you can get your money back by requesting from them.

Above I shared my results: on the 3rd day itself I felt some improvements and by doing this for 14 days made me cure my back pain completely away of my back. Now I can do my daily activities confidently like before without that exhausting pain on my back.

It is not only worked for me but the program helped thousands of people to relieve from back pain. You can read more success stories in the program’s page. If it’s working for others, it will work for you also.

If you want to cure your back pain and return to the former version of you, don’t over think just get it and do it. There is nothing to lose but there is a lot to get.

By the way, don’t forget to take advantage of the coupon, so click here to activate your discount. If you have any question let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you, Have a bright future.


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  1. I am already in day 2 and crushing the back pain with my back pain coach. No I am feeling better and better, If anyone struggling from back pain I strongly suggest you to give a try to this awesome program…

    • Yes of course. This program is work for all, no matter your gender, age and all. IF you have back pain then will work if you do the things they say you to do!

  2. Hey Milner, really well written article and thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am on the fence to buy the program. Now I’ll jump into it and give a shot…


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