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Sciatica SOS Review and Results: Here are my personal thoughts…

If you’re looking for Sciatica SOS in-depth review then you might be suffering from back pain. READ THIS article fully to see my thoughts and results from using the Program.
Hi There! My name is Milner, I am a father of two beautiful kids, a Husband and I love to hang out with my family. Me and my son used to play football in our garden. My son doesn’t enjoy anything like playing soccer with me.
 We live in a Semi-Urban society and the monthly income I receive is not stable to me. Later I had a back injury which turned me into a slave of it.
I don’t know why it came but some say that its a cause in our sciatic nerve. Back Pain minimized my daily activities like; I cant able to play with my son, it stopped me to hang out with my family even I can’t able to go to my friends home, I can’t also walk up or down in stairs etc…
because of this horrible lower back pain.

One of my friend and I went to a lot of doctors and chiropractors, they said to take this and that(dozens of medicines), later when I see my bill it will be like a cost to buying a car. I can’t afford this because as I said I don’t have much income.

They also recommend taking PAINKILLERS which will control the pain for some time. Even a kid knows that Painkillers is not good for our health. Some say to cure it we need to do surgery.

One day My wife chat with her old college student and she said that her father also had such back pain but he cured by taking a program online and drinking a tea which they recommended.

The main thing is: She also said to my wife that it will not cost much, at the same time back pain will be healed permanently.

Then soon my wife hurried and asked her what is that AWESOME program, Then she send this link which contains their program’s information.

Before I was scared that my life will be over trying to cure this back pain. THANK GOD! I got this lovely Sciatica SOS reviews program which completely vanished my back pain in a few days.

And you know what now I am playing with my son soccer(NO FIGHTS), used to roam out with my family, can do my daily exercises etc…

What is Sciatica and What Causes it?

Sciatica is a tingling, shooting pain, or weakness that causes in the lower back and moves through the leg and is 6 common sciatica causes;

⦁ Lumbar herniated disc.

⦁ Piriformis syndrome.

⦁ Degenerative disc disease.

⦁ Isthmic spondylolisthesis.

⦁ Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

⦁ Lumbar spinal stenosis.


Since there are several causes of sciatica, so there are different medicines and ways to cure them. So the Nepalese remedy tea that is recommended by Glen Johnson will help you to cure all causes of back pain. That’s the power of old natural herbs. Even Though other treatments which cost you in thousands of bucks will only cure sciatica temporarily.

What is Sciatica SOS Program?

It’s an online program which cures back pain in 7 days or less using some Nepalese secrets. This Nepalese remedy for sciatica is a 86 quality pages ebook written by Glen Johnson. He is a passionate doctor who himself experienced the back pain like us and figured out the solution and cured it completely.

Glen doesn’t say you to take painkillers or medicines, instead, he came with a completely natural way to cure lower back pain. He doesn’t promote you to use fancy types of equipment which cost hundreds of dollars so you don’t need any additional investment.

The things he recommends is drug-free and 100% natural herbs which can kick sciatica out. The step by step tutorial made to follow the program easily and effectively.

It cures back pain in 7 days or less by following some diet plans, drinking sciatica tea and by exercising.

It is for those who suffer from back pain and seeking for a good treatment.

Does it Work?

Simply yes it freaking works. Immediately after I purchased, I received my copy (No need to wait and think when my postman will get my copy). The way it is organized step by step is very easy to follow and understand.

He says some cool tips which I never heard of like Sleep and Diet. These play a major role when it comes to curing back pain.

I followed the program accurately; got the recommended sleep, eat the recommended foods, did the stretches and drink the sciatica tea which is the key to unlock the back pain.

Here are some benefits of the Program;

One of the main benefits is you don’t want to waste your money and time by going to doctors appointments, you will have everything in your hand you can perform it in your home. the stretches and exercises Glen says are very understandable and very easy.

You don’t have to wait for days to get your program, immediately right after you purchase you will get the Sciatica SOS guide even it is 2 a.m.

simply investing a few bucks can cure your sciatica forever even when you go to doctors and spend thousands of dollars you will not cure it permanently.
To read more benefits just CLICK HERE!

Now I I’ll share you my amazing result from using the program, so keep reading…


These are the results I got by following the program. REMEMBER! The same results I got using this, you will not get. I mean it can depend on the type of the back pain you have.  So you can’t judge when you will able to cure it.

But I can guarantee you will cure your back pain if you follow this correctly and consistently. To make the article/results easy to understand I separated the results I got, improvements and my feelings from day #1.


Day #1 of Sciatica SOS Program

First day morning I wake up and brushed the teeth. Then I prepared the sciatica Nepalese tea that is recommended by Glen and drank it for the first time. I felt a little tingling sensation.

A great SIGN that indicates it works!

I started to think that I will get a peaceful and happy life back again.

Then I hurried to the office before making my Boss shout at me. Later at work, I had my second cup of Tea. I felt a little different than before. The pain which I had before had reduced as the day goes.

After coming home from the office, I did the Exercises and stretches which guided by Glen inside the program..

Oh man! I should say that after doing the stretches my whole soul felt SO GOOOOD!
As recommended by Glen Johnson’s book I had my dinner which my lovely wife prepared for me.

For dinner, I had Skillet Chicken Thighs with Spring Vegetables and Shallot Vinaigrette.

After having my dinner I switched on my TV, unfortunately, it not worked. So I went to bed like a new born human without having that exhausting pain in my back.


Day #2-6 of the Program

As I said above the first day itself I improved and felt SO GOOOD…
Then I followed the program correctly for 5 days.

I had my tea daily, did the exercises and stretches, went to bed early to make sure I get plenty of sleep, ate the recommended foods. As you can see I made the program one of the pillars of my daily activities.

As the day goes on, my back pain started to vanish and I felt better and better. I think the #3 Day after coming from the office my son challenged me to a football match like old days. So I accepted! he scored 4 goals this time and won. (AWESOME FEELINGS)

Same after the next day me and my family went to a birthday party of my friend’s daughter. You know what? now I had my time to enjoy the party with them. (even I danced with my wife little. LOL!)


Day #7 AND BEYOND OF Sciatica SOS Book

And the final day arrived and I felt much better with my back. Is my Sciatica completely cured? NO.

But the difference, improvements I felt from these #7 days is very very HUGE. I didn’t feel any of that exhausted pain in my back then.

I don’t want to curse the doctor – he said me to take surgery. But I am not a doctor and cured the pain at HOME without any unnecessary medicines because of the Miracle program. (I feel so proud of my self…)

As the day goes I didn’t stop to follow the program, what I did on day #1 I did every day and improved much better.

You will not get the results by reading this, so that’s why give a try by clicking here. Like me, if you follow the program correctly by doing the things they ask you to do, you will be amazed at the results.


I tried my best to explain to you my sciatica sos review and results and I hope you understood. (show some of your thoughts in the comment section below).

Now let’s see what’s included in with Sciatica SOS PDF.

What’s Included in with the program

These are the major contents of the Ebook;

⦁ Introduction part
⦁ Home Based Foods
⦁ The Exercise
⦁ Sleeping posture
⦁ Diet plans

And additionally, you get some COOL bonuses for free which will cost $$$. Along with the ebook, you will get these bonuses right after you purchase the program. So what is the bonuses? well – these are the bonuses;

⦁ How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally
⦁ Lessons from Miracle Doctors
⦁ 10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer
⦁ Stress Soothers
⦁ Free lifetime updates
⦁ Sleeping Solace

these are the things you get inside the program. So let’s see some Goods and Bads of Nepalese remedies SOS.


⦁ Right after you purchase the program you will receive your ebook along with the bonuses even if it is

⦁ The program recommends everything 100% natural. So no need to worry about side effects.

⦁ The program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So nothing to lose or risky.

⦁ The results are guaranteed in the short term period(7 days).

⦁ The dietary habits and stretches they teach you to follow will not only cure sciatica, but it also protects you from many diseases.

I can point lots of pros for Glen’s book but I am not willing to make this a long review.


To be honest, I do not find any faults, but I like to tell you that the Glen who is the author, he is not famous or well known. it doesn’t matter, the only thing we care is the results- no matter if it’s from a zombie LOL!

SCIATICA SOS PRICE: Here’s how I got mine cheap!

here is the deal:

If we see some coupon or discount even if it is $1 for a product, our eyes will blink in $ signs.I little Dug deep into the web and landed on this awesome page, which contains the coupon for the program. Listen with this price and 30-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

So soon after that, I checked my bank account balance thank god! I had enough to purchase. Immediately I bought it and read a few pages that night itself.

Then turned my computer off and went to bed because of the next day work in the office.


sciatica sos review conclusionIs program a scam? definitely not, its a legit program for those who want to cure the back pain by getting no unwanted medicines, surgeries. Everything is Natural and Drug-free.

It can cure sciatica which causes in the lower back in #7 days. (drug-free natural herbs)
As I said above my results, it has helped to improve my back and reduced the pain in day #1 itself.

So this program is legit and affordable for anyone. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Discount- grab the program with the bonus+Discount<<<

I tried my maximum to write this Sciatica sos review to help you guys: if you still have any question please don’t forget to comment down below.

Thank you for reading this and have a Bright future…

9 thoughts on “Sciatica SOS Review and Results: Here are my personal thoughts…”

  1. Hey Milner thank you for sharing your lovely experiences with the Sciatica sos program with us. I am working in a IT department and work with the computer for long time.So I got that horrible pain on my back.

    I spent more than $5K+ to get treatment but Nothing worked. Back pain paused my daily activities. Now I got the decision to give a shot to Sciatica sos program to relive from back pain.

  2. I bought the sciatica sos program through your Discount link. I was in the wall to buy the program and now I bought it and I am in the Day #4. So far I feel better and my pain is less than before. There training on exercising and the stretches are good for physical health as well. BTW thank you for giving an honest review Milner.

  3. This is the best Sciatica SOS review I landed on the web(thank god!). Other reviews I have read before are rubbish as they give something for 1-2 paragraphs nothing will in there. Thank you Milner for your amazing review + for sharing your experience with the program with us. Without you(without reading this) I think I would not get the ciatica sos program.

    BTW your discount link link worked great and again thanks for that!

    • Thank you for your kind words Elliot. Yeah I saw some of the reviews on the web contain nothing. Definitely give a try to the Sciatica sos program as it worth more than the price.

  4. I heard about sciatica sos book before and I was skeptical to get that. I am 39 years old Tech in cyber security in our country. About 8 months ago sciatica caused my back. Then on my happy life started to fade away. I cant able to do my work at time so I always get scolded by my boss. I have went to more than 10 Doctors and the painkiller was the only thing that helped from they said. Now I came to decision to give a shot to Sciatica SOS E-book.

    • Don’t be too skeptical about this. Before I also been skeptical about whether to get it or not, finally I bought it and followed the training accurately, now I am free from the back pain. I SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME. Dont forget to use the Discount Link Good luck…


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