Sciatica SOS Review and Results: Not Worth It, Here’s Why!

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Are you going to invest your hard-earned money into Sciatica SOS?, then I urge you to do so after reading this review about it. This cure for sciatic pain has made a name for itself in the market, but is it worth the hype? 

My easy answer is a big NO! After wasting my money on the ebook, I’ve concluded it, and I’ll share those here. 

This is about your health, so picking up the wrong product can be costly, so keep reading this Sciatica SOS review to determine why I don’t recommend Sciatica SOS.

Sciatica SOS is a PDF book that promises to cure your Sciatica in just 7 days. Yes, you read it right!! This is great news for sciatica sufferers, but how? I don’t know but what I know is that this program is a complete waste of money. 

What is Sciatica SOS?sciatica sos review

As I said before, this is a PDF book by Glen Johnson that contains 86 pages, and it “guarantees” that it can cure sciatica pain in 7 days. The author says that this is a secret cure or some medicine given to him by Nepalese women called Xie, and he wants us to believe this, but who knows what the real case is.

Every treatment in the book is natural, so no worries about side effects and stuff.

Anyway, this ebook has the same information about Sciatica, which is already flooded on the internet from what I’ve known. And this is one of the major reasons I don’t recommend Sciatica SOS.

Glen Johnson Author Of Sciatica SOSglen johnson

Glen Johnson, the author of Sciatica SOS, was also suffering from sciatica pain until he met that Nepalese woman Xie. He shares his story on how the ancient Nepal brew helped his sciatic pain ease away within a week. 

And the other thing is that he has no qualification on any of this stuff. He’s just a normal man who got cured of an old thing and recommended us to do the same thing, so it’s another reason to avoid Sciatica SOS. 

Here’s What You Learn From Sciatica SOS?

Here are some insights on what the Sciatica SOS ebook is all about:

The book begins with simple stuff like explaining what’s Sciatica, the cause of Sciatica, and his home remedies to Sciatica. Except for his home remedies, you might know the other things, but it is what it is.

Then explains the solutions to get rid of sciatica pain and goes further into some foods which can help with sciatica pain plus talks about some exercises and stretches that are already on google and you might have even seen it. Those exercises are not videos. They are just pictures.

Next is about diet and advanced massage techniques like trigger point therapy and reorganize your skeletal system. These were helpful. It’s a shame there are no actual videos that showcase it. (1)

Finally, he talks about proper sleep postures and lifestyle adjustments you can do to cure sciatic pain.

And you get another 10 bonus guide to prevent cancer plus some other books which were not that impressive, but at least it’s free.

But some people might find this Infos somewhat helpful.Click Here

I’ve said it once and again. I recommend you try this out if you want a real lifesaver with real videos and guides. 

Pros & Cons of Sciatica SOS

Here are some Pros and Cons of Sciatica SOS:


  • The massaging techniques turned out to be useful.
  • It can be somewhat helpful for a sciatica sufferer.
  • The 6 bonus ebook only for the fact that it’s free.
  • Provided with a 60 days money-back guarantee.


  • Most of the information is useless.
  • The “Guaranteed” 7 days to cure the pain never worked.
  • Some of the information looks like they’ve attached it straight from google.
  • For the $37 price range, there are way better sciatica cures.
  • Information on the book is kinda misleading
  • The author has no qualification to talk about Sciatica. 
  • Basically a small book.

Does Sciatica Sos Work? (Our Opinion)

By now, you might have a clear idea of what this program is all about, but the actual question is, does it really work? To be completely honest with y’all, after seeing the book myself, I felt like what!! All this information is actually on the internet, and I lost my interest in going through the book.

For the sake of buying this, I even did go through the book and followed some of its exercises and advanced massaging techniques such as ‘’trigger point therapy’’ and found out those were interesting and, at the same time, a bit refreshing for pain but nothing too fancy.

Even Though I couldn’t find it helpful, many users have experienced some pain reduction since using it. 

Sciatica SOS Customer Testimonials

Enough of my opinions, let’s see what others think of Sciatica SOS:

Every customer reviews are the same as I’ve mentioned here but anyways, let’s take a look,

  • ‘’Meh! You can find the same content everywhere’’.

-An Amazon customer

  • ‘’Well, one because zero is impossible’’.

-An Amazon customer

  • ‘’Boo…there is the same info as online. I was expecting to see the actual exercises’’.

-An Amazon customer

  • ‘’Wow!! What a treatment program only to find that everything’s on the net’’.

  • ‘’Getting my money back.. not worth a bit sorry Glen johnson’’.

  • ‘’Although it worked for me, it took more than what they’ve Guaranteed’’.

There’s more, but I cannot list everything out here, so as I said, it’s the same thing.

Where to Buy (And Refund Policy)

Sciatica SOS is available on their official website, and if you’re not happy with the book, a 60 days money back is at your side.

The Best Alternative Program by Emily Lark

You might have noticed that I’ve been trying to tell you about this program for a while now. But now that I’ve got the time let me tell

emily lark
Emily Lark

you what it is.

It’s another back pain cure but much more useful than Sciatica SOS, and this is one of the best-reviewed sciatica cures on the internet. And it is Erase my Back Pain. This thing really works.

Before purchasing Sciatica SOS, It was going well with EMBP for me. The pain reduced drastically, and the results were surprising, to say the least, after using it as described. And I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks.

And there’s no ‘’Guaranteed’’ time on how long it will take to cure your pain. This completely depends on the effort you put in, and what kind of pain you’re in. for this to work, all you need is 15 minutes of your everyday time and a Yoga mat. 

I recommend this program to y’all because it’s so unique in every way compared to Sciatica SOS. These are the things which make this one of the best to recommend :

Credibility: Erase my Back Pain was written by Emily Lark, an expert and a top woman in yoga, fitness, and Pilates instructor in the US. She was suffering from back pain after an accident when she was 12. This might give you a clear idea of the credibility of this product. 

Informativeness: this is another place where this program shines. Everything explained here is simply easy, and there’s every information that a sciatica sufferer should know, unlike Sciatica SOS. This program has videos rather than the low-resolution images presented in Sciatica SOS.

Efficiency: from what I’ve seen, there are many success stories on EMBP, so I can recommend this to anyone without thinking twice. 

Money-back guarantee: if you did not experience any reduction in pain (I’m sure you will), there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can get your money back.

Also, here’s what’s inside the program:

  • Preparations of sudden fits of back pain by restoring muscle, tendon, and nerve balances.
  • Sleeping positions that can help you get rid of the pain.
  • Exercises and stretches that are up to 10-15 minutes. 
  • Maintaining correct posture while sitting, standing, and walking
  • What you should eat when you’re on the mission of fixing the pain.

This has some useful bonuses too:

  • Yoga video for Bedtime Back Relief
  • Guided Meditation Audio series

These are way more useful than what the competition includes.

Erase My Back Pain Overview


If you are looking for a better program to get rid of this horrible pain, look no further than EMBP. It simply kills the competition. Everything is much more informative, clearly described. Nothing is pasted from google plus the sheer variety of the program is also ahead of its counterparts.

The author Emily Lark is a way more experienced person in this category than Glen. If you want to know more about her, you can check out her social media. 

The best thing about EMBP is the video it includes. It’s extremely easy to learn everything, for the price this thing is absolutely worth it.


Now you might have an idea of what both the programs are all about. Both are literally the same. Both of these products are a great alternative for chiropractic treatments, but I simply have to hand it over to Erase My Back Pain when it comes to the content quality. Everything in it is so much detailed and easy to go through.

I’m pretty sure it can completely get rid of your pain and help you save thousands of dollars and have a better life without sciatic pain, but at the end of the day, you are the one who’s making the decisions, and I hope you make the correct one here. 

If you still doubt Erase My Back Pain, you can check out our complete in-depth review from the ground up, which explains everything you should know.

Thank you for checking out this Sciatica SOS review, and I hope it helped you make a good decision.
Goodbye & stay safe.

Editor’s Choice
Erase My Back Pain

Erase My Back Pain

         Our #1 Recommendation

  • Award-winning author Emily Lark
  • Said to be 100% no Side Effects
  • Natural Way of curing Sciatica
  • Worked for many people and thousands of positive reviews
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of [todaysdate format=”F”]

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